1986 Coleco Summer Toy Fair Catalog – Page 54 – Pedal Vehicles

Explore the pages of the rare 1986 Coleco Summer Toy Fair Catalog with our high-definition scans. With a focus on summer-time outdoor fun, this catalog featured products like pools and outdoor furniture. It also featured Coleco’s popular line-up of Ride-On Toys.

Coleco was well known for its selection of Ride-On toys for young children. Many of these cycles and pedal cars featured licensed products. For instance, Coleco created a 16” power cycle with the look and feel of Rambo. Otherwise, they created a cycle that transformed to represent the Transformers license. There was even a talking Knight Rider pedal car.

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Page 54 featured 1867, the K.I.T.T. Knight Rider Talking Pedal Car, which captured the excitement of the Knight Rider adventure series. With the push of a button, this car talked using messages right from the TV show. Meanwhile, a second button activated the hood-mounted “Electronic Sensor Lights”. This car featured adjustable pedals and was fully steerable for total driving fun. It required one 9-volt battery and one “C” cell battery.

We are glad to present these exciting exclusive scans to the 1986 Coleco Summer Toy Fair Catalog. Continue to see even more exciting promotional images that Coleco provided to retailers and representatives.

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