1985 Hasbro Toy Fair Catalog – Page 94 – G.I. Joe

Begin your journey through the 1985 Hasbro Toy Fair Catalog, which offered first looks at new G.I. Joe, Transformers, and more toys. This catalog includes exciting previews of the 1985 line-up. So, continue exploring to see some of the first previews that retailers saw of the newest action figures.

Hasbro continued to feature their hit G.I. Joe: A Real American hero toys on page 94 of the 1985 Toy Fair Catalog. Even though Hasbro first introduced G.I. Joe in the 1960s, the toy line had disappeared by the end of the 1970s. Thanks to the persistence of Bob Prupic, his “Operation: Blast Off” led to the revitalization of the line.

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Hasbro presented #6053, the A.W.E. Striker (All Weather and Environment) vehicle for their hit G.I. Joe toy line on this page. Through blinding storms and raging wind, nothing could stop the A.W.E. Striker. This All-Weather and Environment vehicle headed out on scouting missions with a unique, four-wheel suspension for tough terrain.

Then, the simulated remote control T.V. scanner controlled the top-mounted cannon and enabled CRANKCASE to see through any interference. Meanwhile, headlight lenses helped guide him through thick, night fog. Fans could pretend to repair the A.W.E. Striker’s highly detailed removable engine. Then, the cannon swiveled and elevated. This vehicle could carry up to four figures while it included one G.I. Joe driver, CRANKCASE. Each assortment came with 12 pieces.

We are glad to present these exciting exclusive scans to the 1985 Toy Fair Catalog from Hasbro. Continue to see even more exciting promotional images that Hasbro provided to retailers and representatives.

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