1985 Hasbro Toy Fair Catalog – Page 53 – Activities

Begin your journey through the 1985 Hasbro Toy Fair Catalog, which offered first looks at new G.I. Joe, Transformers, and more toys. This catalog includes exciting previews of the 1985 line-up. So, continue exploring to see some of the first previews that retailers saw of the newest action figures.

Hasbro’s next activity for children was their popular Color-Vue Pencil by Number sets, which they promoted on page 53 of the 1985 Toy Fair Catalog. Unlike typical paint by number sets, Color-Vue sets used specialized pencils, which contained crayons inside. So, these sets did not produce the mess of typical paint by number sets. Each of these sets included six pictures and six colored crayons in see-through, double plastic pencils.

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First, they promoted #3599, the Transformers ColorVue Pencil by Number Assortment. These sets captured the robots that transform into awesome weapons and vehicles. Each assortment included three different sets.

Next, they presented #3589, the My Little Pony ColorVue Pencil By Number assortment. This grouping presented the pony magic in six fantasy settings. Each assortment came with three different sets.

Finally, Hasbro presented #3575, the G.I. Joe ColorVue Pencil by Number assortment. Here, stores received three sets of adventures filled with G.I. Joe action. So, the Joes could succeed with flying colors. 

We are glad to present these exciting exclusive scans to the 1985 Toy Fair Catalog from Hasbro. Continue to see even more exciting promotional images that Hasbro provided to retailers and representatives.

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