1984 Coleco Toy Fair Catalog – Page 34 – Power Cycles

Explore the pages of the rare 1984 Coleco Toy Fair Catalog with our high-definition scans. While this catalog featured the cultural phenomenon, Cabbage Patch Kids, Coleco also featured many more toys. So, there were plenty of licensed products featuring other toys like G.I. Joe that appeared in this catalog.

Coleco specialized in creating a variety of licensed products that featured the greatest hits from the 1980s. So, the 1984 Toy Fair Catalog was filled with pages of ride-on vehicles that sported imagery of hit TV shows and more. For instance, they created vehicles for The Dukes of Hazzard and G.I. Joe.

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On this page, Coleco promoted 1801, the Mr. Turtle Power Cycle. Young ones could hop onto MR. TURTLE and head for endless highways of fun. This cycle was ideal for little riders to learn on, so stores should have stocked up for runaway sales. Moreover, it was made of sturdy polyethylene, with a 9″ direct drive front wheel, non-tip rear wheels, contour seat, and sure-grip handlebars. It also clicked when driven and was built tough to last. Thus, it was a perfect “first” ride-on.

Then, there was 1826, the G.I. Joe Mobile Strike Force Power Cycle. Stores would be battling for more inventory when little sidewalk soldiers found out that they had this cycle with authentic olive drab coloring and G.I. JOE decorations. It had a molded motorcycle fairing and windshield, simulated lights, and a front fender, plus a 3-position adjustable seat that grew with the child. Furthermore, it featured a 13” direct drive front wheel, wide track rear wheels for stability, sure-grip handlebars, nonskid pedals, and a motor racing sound when pedaled. It also had rugged polyethylene construction.

We are glad to present these exciting exclusive scans to the 1984 Coleco Toy Fair Catalog. Continue to see even more exciting promotional images that Coleco provided to retailers and representatives.

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