1983 LJN Toy Fair Catalog – Page 32 – Advanced Dungeons and Dragons

Begin your journey through the 1983 Toy Fair Catalog from LJN, where they never stop growing up. This catalog includes exciting previews of the 1983 line-up. So, continue exploring to see some of the first previews that retailers saw of the newest action figures.

The coverage of LJN’s Advanced Dungeons & Dragons toy line continued on page 32 of the 1983 Toy Fair Catalog. After TSR Hobbies, Inc. introduced the role-playing game in 1974, players loved to delve into the fanciful world. Thus, LJN proudly presented the first toys that brought these characters to life. This line included a wide array of toys, from action figures and monsters to a gigantic dungeon playset.

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Saving the best for last, LJN presented #1490, the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons “Fortress of Fangs Playset. This playset was both impressive in size and menacing to look at. As a multi-level dungeon, this set provided an exciting adventure with perilous obstacles at every level. So, those who tackled the series of obstacles rightfully earned the hidden treasure.

Adventures could reach the upper dungeon level by climbing the “stone” staircase with a falling skull hatchet. Otherwise, they could scale the secret ladder. There, they entered the “Torture Chamber” with sliding spiked walls and a hidden escape door. Elsewhere, the playset featured a “Weapons Room” that contained a deadly arsenal of spears and swords. Then, the dungeon had an “Evil Throne Room” with a trap door, flying dragon throne, and treasure slide. Below, the subterranean level housed the glimmering treasure. However, treasure hunters must then brave the “Sea of Fire” and unlock the stalagmite barriers.

We are glad to present these exciting exclusive scans to the 1983 Toy Fair Catalog from LJN. Continue to see even more exciting promotional images that LJN provided to retailers and representatives.

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