Who Buys Star Wars Vintage Toys?

Looking for stores that buy old Star Wars toys?

Don’t you just love the thought of passing on your Boba Fett or Luke Skywalker to new owners? Anyone who buys Star Wars toys would be thrilled to pay you good money for your old or used toys.

Now, for someone who buys old Star Wars toys, some things can’t be overlooked. It’s like dotting your I’s and crossing your T’s. Before you can receive cash for your old toys, you’ll need to sort out certain specifics including:

  • Previous ownership
  • Brand organization
  • Toys’ value
  • Cleanliness of old toys
  • Selling options

This list probably has you feeling overwhelmed, but you don’t have to.

Wheeljack’s Lab has been buying toys for cash for over two decades. A long time, yes! We deal in well-known action figure brands ranging from Star Wars, Thundercats, M.A.S.K., G.I. Joe, Transformers to He-Man. And the list goes on.

So, we are your perfect answer to the big question of “Who buys Star Wars Toys?” We’ll hold your hand and help you figure out the tiny steps that make for a hitch-free sales process.

With this in mind, let’s dig right in.

A few quick points that you need to address before you sell your collection

Ownership: Did you own the Star Wars toys before now?

Anyone who buys used Star Wars toys asks this question. And that’s because it gives clarity on the collection and the toy lines included.

For example, Kenner Star Wars toys cut across many toy lines. You’ve also got Hasbro Star Wars and action figures from Disney Store. So, if you know every Star Wars character in your toy collection, the process of selling becomes easier.

However, if you’re not the owner of the Star Wars toys you’d like to sell, send an email now. We’ll guide you on how to sell your toys.

Organization: Have you arranged your Star Wars collection?

Closely tied to the point of ownership is organization. As the previous owner of your Star Wars toys, sorting them out by collections, brands, and toy lines should be seamless.

Before you head out to sell your toys, you want to be sure that you are putting them in decent shape for anyone who buys old Star Wars toys.

It’s never enough to have the intention to sell. Likewise, it is not okay to claim ownership. You want to be sure that you arrange them in the right groups. Start with the familiar and move on to brands you’re probably not too sure of.

Above all, be careful as you organize them. You don’t want to ruin any toy of great value.

Value: Do you know your toys’ worth in cash?

eBay I a good place to start when trying to find someone who buys Star Wars toys. Your goal is to get a good price estimation for your toys. And you do this by looking at similar items and how much people paid for them, not just looking at active listings.

One thing you want to note, nonetheless, is that prices aren’t black and white. Similar toys may sell at different prices and this often boils down to the physical condition of the toy.

As with anything, attractive things sell at attractive rates. So, if your Star Wars toys are looking all nice and well used, you are likely to get a higher price for them.

To add to that, for any individual who buys collectible Star Wars toys, toy parts, accessories, and packaging are also important. Ensure that these little but significant details are in place. And even if you can’t ascertain the condition of your old Star Wars toys, you can always predict their value.

Cleanliness: Are your vintage Star Wars figures clean and shiny?

Maybe not shiny. But cleanliness is non-negotiable. Imagine that someone who buys vintage Star Wars toys rejects your collections because of dirt from pets, mice, bugs, or exposure to dust, smoke, high or low heat, or sunlight.

That will break your heart. Because sunlight, smoke, and high or low hear can melt, break, or deform the toy plastic, leaving it in an awful state. So, you want to do all you can to get rid of discoloration, wear, or yellowing.

Not sure of what to do? Our how-to-guide on getting rid of traces of wear and tear would help you. Check it out now if you’re a toy collector or someone looking to sell used Star Wars action figures.

No doubt, you want Yoda, C3PO, and Han Solo looking their best when you eventually find someone who buys old Star Wars toys and is ready to pay you for them.

Getting a buyer: Who buys used Star Wars toys?

The short answer to this question is – many people. But the long answer takes you back to another question: how do you pick the best buyer for your vintage Star Wars toys?

Now, the simple answer to this second question is – do YOU! Your choice of who buys collectible Star Wars toys depends on what works for you. And this boils down to time – how much time you can give to finding a buyer and selling each toy item.

Keep reading to learn some of the most common Star Wars toy buyers plus their upsides and drawbacks.

eBay and Other Online Auctions

Online auctions such as eBay have a large client base where you can meet a lot of buyers. And the prices are often impressive. However, the list of downsides seems pretty scary:

  1. Slow turnaround time and sales process
  2. They charge huge fees
  3. Bids are unpredictable
  4. You must accept your toys if they are returned
  5. You would have to visit the post office every day
  6. Such platforms are quite technical to use
  7. Your chances of being defrauded are high

Bottom line: Not advisable.

Facebook and Craigslist

With online pages where you can swap items, you have access to a large number of buyers. And many of them are ready to offer good prices in exchange for your Star Wars toys.

The best part of this is that these platforms are easy to use and you never have to pay any fees. Unfortunately, though, they aren’t so different from eBay in terms of demerits.

  1. Your privacy isn’t guaranteed
  2. The sales process takes long
  3. Fraud rates are high
  4. Customer support doesn’t work
  5. Slow turnaround time
  6. You might have to deal with people who show interest but don’t intend to buy
  7. These platforms don’t work successfully in rural areas.

Bottom line: Not recommended.

Online Toy Dealers

Online toy dealers are some of the best you can get because your sales process can be barely a week. More than that, you don’t pay any fees and you can run background checks on them with the Better Business Bureau.

Here at Wheeljack’s Lab, we complete toy sales in under a week and pay for toy shipment. The only downside here is that you don’t get the full value of your toy, since these businesses also need to make a profit.

Bottom line: They save you time and stress, and can be verified. Go for it!

Local Toy Dealers

Like online toy dealers, loyal toy dealers save you time and charge no fees. Plus, they’re local, too.

You can also run background checks on them with the Better Business Bureau. Overall, this choice requires less time spent to sell your Star Wars toys.

But the downsides can be a bother. You get a ridiculously low percentage for being desperate, which of course decreases your toys’ value by a wide margin. And for large toy collections, you’ll get less money than you should as you’re unlikely to repack any boxes you unpack.

Bottom line: They save you time and stress, and can be verified. But pay you a really low percentage. Think about it carefully.

Local Auction Service

They’re usually within easy reach so you don’t spend ages before you find one.

However, the sales process almost takes forever and the fees are pretty high. Plus, you are not guaranteed a fair price in exchange for your Star Wars toy collection.

Bottom line: Don’t expect good results if you’re not partnering with one of the very few pros in the country.


Like the local auction service, pawnshops are close to you. Within close range. But they can see how desperate you are for the money.

So, they offer you a ridiculous percentage which hardly covers the full value of your toys, while still ensuring that they make a good profit for themselves.

Bottom line: Since they’re as good as amateurs, don’t bank on them.

Wheeljack’s Lab is Your Best Stop for Star Wars Toy Sales

Getting someone who buys Star Wars toys shouldn’t have to be so daunting. Already, you have to deal with the hassle of organizing, fixing and cleaning, naming, and evaluating. These steps are time-consuming and energy-sapping enough.

What if you had help with sorting out a box of old Star Wars toy collections? This would make the whole sales process shorter and more profitable.

In our 20 plus years of buying and selling vintage toys, Wheeljack’s Lab has served many families in this area. And we continue to offer instant payments, prepaid and fast shipping systems (including necessary shipment pickup), and excellent communication.

When you sell your old, used, or vintage Star Wars toys to us, you get a same-day quote. And you can be confident that your old toys will be warmly received into a happy home.

Author: Chris Ingledue 


Bio: I am the founder and owner of Wheeljack’s Lab pop Culture and Toy Shop. My vision has always been to reunite customers with their favorite childhood toys and pop culture, triggering fond memories, and reigniting their imaginations. Every day, I work in the “lab” where it’s Christmas 365 days a year. I scour the internet, like when we had the Sears Catalog of yesteryear, for the next great treasure. Then, I await the arrival of the postman as if he were Santa Claus himself and helping collectors worldwide with their own versions of Christmas. Every day as a vintage toy buyer is an absolute joy!

Still seeking the best buyer of vintage Star Wars toys?

If you are not already convinced that Wheeljack’s Lab is the best place to sell your Star Wars toys to, check out just a few of the figures that have been bought and sold through us!

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