Who Buys He-Man Toys for Cash?

Who Buys He-Man Toys for Cash?

Are you looking for information on who buys old and used He-Man toys for cash? That is what we have been doing for decades, buying He-Man, G.I. Joe, and various other collectible toys. In this article, we will discuss your options for selling your collectible toys for cash!

What to Know Before Selling He-Man Toys for Cash?

Before you set off to sell your vintage toys, you should do a few things to prepare. This will help you get the most from your collection, no matter which method you choose.

Who Has Owned the Toys?

1982 Mattel Masters of the Universe He-Man

This step is much easier if you are the original owner because you know what you have, where you bought it, and what set it belongs to. However, larger collections can still be time-consuming to organize, especially when you are not the original owner. It is often difficult to trace the past ownership of toys or confirm it. However, we have the experience to do the best possible tracing when needed, simply call, or email us.

Organizing and Identifying

Be careful that you do not damage the toys during this step, but you will want to organize your collection if it is not already. That requires identifying the toys, which are easier for some brands than others. After you have sorted them out by brand and set, you are ready to evaluate them.

Evaluating What Your Vintage He-Man Toys Are Worth

1981 Mattel Masters of the Universe Panthor

If you know the brand, model, and set of your toys, the next step is to value them. The easiest method for this is to use online auctions like eBay to estimate what others are paying. To do this, search for your exact toy and filter the search to look at “completed listings.” You want to look at the price others have sold them for, not what sellers have listed them for. People can ask for any amount they want, but the value is what others are paying.

Do not focus on the highest sold price for valuing your toys. There are assorted reasons the same toy sold for $10 vs. $80. The biggest reason, people pay based on the condition of the toy, with mint condition bringing the most value.

Is your toy missing any parts? If there are scuffs, scratches, or damages of any kind, people will not pay top dollar for it. If the toy is new and in the original packaging, collectors will often pay much more. There are many factors people look at, and even a layer of dust will reduce the quality. If you do not have experience in this area, it can be difficult to gauge the condition, but you can estimate.

How to Clean Your Toys?

If you find your toys are dirty, you can clean and repair several conditions, such as dust, smoke, and sun damage. However, if you find that pets, bugs, or rodents have attacked or chewed on your toys, unfortunately, this damage often results in the toy having little to no value. Although, if dust now covers your collection or if the plastic has some discoloring, you may be able to correct this.

Like smoke, sunlight also causes the plastic to yellow over time. There are guides on correcting this issue but be careful you do not cause more damage. Heat can also deteriorate plastic, making it brittle or sticky, same for humidity.

Who Buys Vintage He-Man Toys?

1986 Mattel Masters of the Universe Battle Armor Skeletor

There are many options available when it comes to selling your He-Man or other toy collections. Of course, we are one choice, as we have a network of collectors and often find buyers within 24 hours. Below we will list alternatives to selling with us; that way, you can make the best choice based on your situation.

There are two key factors, how much work do you want to put into selling them, and how much time do you have? If you need fast cash for emergencies, or if you want top dollar, there are going to be different methods for you. Below are common places to sell your Mattel toys, along with pros and cons:

Local Auction Services

If you need to sell an ample collection in a hurry, a local auction is one choice. You can simply drop the collection off and wait for locals to buy it. However, there are many downsides, such as not knowing what the final sell price will be, high commissions, and a slower turnaround time. Unless you get lucky, auction houses usually do not have the experience with how much toy collections are worth.


This way is best for emergencies only when you need cash fast. The aim of a pawn shop is to get things for the lowest price possible, and not being toy collectors, they do not know the value of your toys, in most cases. The upside is, they are everywhere, local, and fast turnaround.

Online Auctions

If you have the time to take photos, write listings and wait for online auctions to end, you may have more luck than local auctions. There is a larger network of people, including toy collectors. However, unless you pay for a reserve, you do not know what the final bid will be, and there are high commissions.

Local Toy Dealers

With a local toy dealer, you can review them with the BBB, turnaround is fast, and they have more knowledge about what your collection is worth. However, like with a pawnshop, they also make money buying toys at the lowest price point possible. That means you will not get the best value, and on larger collections, local dealers know most people do not want to pack multiple boxes back up.

Online Toy Dealer

Again, you will not get the full value because online dealers also need to make a profit. However, it does minimize the time spent selling and often a fast turnaround time. Additionally, online dealers like us will pay for shipping, so there are no fees.

Let us not forget that, akin to local toy dealers, you can look up reviews on online toy dealers at the Better Business Bureau.

Online Classifieds and Social Media

On the bright side, these methods offer access to a large network, and you even receive offers with reasonable prices without fees, and it can be quick. However, the downside is concerned over privacy, limited access in rural areas, and communication from those with questions but do not intend to buy. Also, you need to take photos and write descriptions.

Wheeljack’s Lab Buys Old He-Man Toys for Cash

1982 Mattel Masters of the Universe Teela

If you are new to the collectible toy selling game, you will find that it can be very time-consuming to get the best value for your collection. From organizing, cleaning, staging for photos, writing descriptions, and that is after you trace ownership and evaluate condition. Finally, you must list each toy or small group and wait for bids or buyers.

If you want to save some time, send us a message, or call today, and we will handle it all! Wheeljack’s Lab has over two decades of experience in the industry and not going anywhere. We are a family-owned business in the third generation, with a large network of buyers. We provide immediate communication, prepaid shipping, and payment right away. In certain situations, we may even pick your collection up directly!

Do you have old and used He-Man toys?

If you have a collection of old and used toys, you can turn those toys into cash. There is no reason to let those old toys collect dust. Contact us today to sell your He-Man toy collection.

Our professional, friendly, and expert staff have decades of experience as collectible toy buyers. If you are ready to sell your collection today, fill out the form below or call us at 888-946-2895.

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