Where to Sell Used He-Man Toys?

He-Man Masters of the Universe Collection

Are you struggling to find buyers for your He-man toys? Lots of people worry about where to sell vintage He-man toys. So, you are not alone.

From deciding what toys to sell to finding the right buyer, selling your He-man toys can be a huge burden. But why should money-making through toy resale be an issue?

You are not as helpless as you think. And yes, you can make cool cash from selling your Mattel He-Man action figures. He-Ma, Orko, Blade, The Sorceress, Trap Jaw, Evil-Lyn, King Randor, Moss Man, Mosquitor, Roboto. Name them!

Before you set out to sell your He-Man Toys

With the right knowledge, the best tips, and an experienced, reliable online toy dealer, you never have to worry about trading your old He-man toys for money.

The process of parting with your Masters of the Universe buddies does not have to cost an arm and a leg. Here at Wheeljack’s Lab, we show you how to get your toys ready for resale. And supply valuable insight on where to sell He-Man toys.

Let us dive right in.

Who owned your old He-Man toys?

The first step involved in selling your vintage He-Man toys is clarifying the ownership. When you are the owner of the toys you plan to sell, the resale process moves fast.

Why the emphasis? As the rightful owner of your He-Man action figures, you can answer any questions about them. Plus, you can easily sort your collectibles into their right toy lines and match them correctly without missing a tiny piece.

Nonetheless, if the toys in your care were not yours from the start, talk to Chris via email. We will help you figure out a way around the resale.

Can you tell the toys apart?

Another brilliant tip for selling your vintage He-Man toys is sorting them out. Before you google “where to sell my He-Man toys”, settle the part about identification.

Can you separate your old He-Man toys into their toy line? How easy is it to put the distinct brands in their groups? If you are not the original owner of these toys, identifying Leech, Modulok, Tung Lashor, or Hurricane Hordak might prove impossible.

So be sure you go easy on these toys. They are three decades old and not in tip-top shape. Be careful to arrange the toys in the typical shapes – 4”, 5”, 12” as the case may be.

Most of all, no breaking any parts. Missing parts means less cash. Or no cash at all.

Are your He-Man toys worth a good deal?

You are looking for where to sell your vintage He-Man toys. But you are more interested in making good money from this.

Now, this can only happen if you know the names of your used He-Man toys. In the Mattel He-Man brand, you have a good mix of them, and it takes the actual owner of this collection to tell them apart.

Once you can name them and arrange them into their toy lines, do some digging on eBay. Price hunting. What are people paying for similar toys? What have past buyers paid for them? Focus on toys that have recently sold so you are sure you are looking at realistic prices, not just what is possible.

The sold listings on eBay can be magical in figuring out your He-Man toys’ worth. So, leverage this to get a promising idea of how much money you can make from selling your He-Man collectible toys.

Do your used He-Man toys look new?

Too many people are in search of where to sell vintage He-Man toys. But very few pay attention to the physical condition of their used toys.

You do not want to make this mistake too and shoot yourself in the leg. 4 things stand out when considering the outlook of your used He-Man toys:

  • Do your He-Man toys still look new and well packed?
  • Are their boxes still available even if they are not new?
  • Are the pieces still together?
  • Do your He-Man collectible toys have broken bits?

If your answers to these questions are favorable, then you should get ready to have your wallet filled with cash. Toy resale can be profitable, and at Wheeljack’s Lab, we ensure that all our buyers and sellers get the best deals when they partner with us.

Moving on, let us talk about the appeal. Are your old He-Man toys free of dust, sunlight decay, smoke, or whatever other culprits capable of yellowing? It would be good to get rid of these things and fix these problems before you put your toys up for sale.

New things or new-looking things always have a strong appeal. And that is why the same item can sell for two different prices – a mere $7 or a huge $200. It is all about the appeal!

Do your toys glitter and glow?

Yes, glitter and glow are important aspects of the toy resale process. When searching for where to sell old He-Man toys, you want to be prepared to make them shine their way into their new owner’s heart.

If they have been sitting on the shelf, high up and hidden in your attic or blocked from reality in your basement, exposed, grab your brush and damp towels.

It is time for some cleaning. Two, three, four decades can cause a lot of wear to things. As with people. This yellowing repair guide will show you how to fix wear and tear caused to plastic by heat, sunray, humidity, and the like. Click the link to watch now!

And if pests have attacked your used He-Man toys, it is a no-no. Any toy collection with traces of animal feces or dirt from rodents and insects cannot appeal to anyone. So, do not think about making any sales from them.

So, where to sell your old and used He-Man toys?

Many people find it difficult to pick the best place to sell their used He-Man toys. Yes, it can be quite confusing at some point. That is why, we, at Wheeljack’s Lab, describe the many possible toy resale places so that you can make the best pick.

All you need to do is define when you want it sold and how long you want the reselling to last. However, you also want to consider the fees, both visible and hidden, that you need to consider. So, these are the places you can sell your used He-Man toys:

Local Auction Service

Most of the time, you will find these services easily and within your neighborhood. But their charges are high, turnaround drags, and prices are unpredictable. Besides, these services are quite naïve about handling huge toy collections.


As with local auctions, pawnshops are easy to find and work with. Yet, you get low value for your toys and a low percentage due to your eagerness to sell. Plus, you will be dealing with inexperienced toy dealers.

Online Toy Dealer

With online toy dealers, you get to sell your used toys within a brief period and pay NO FEES AT ALL. Also, the Better Business Bureau helps you to validate and they typically offer a quick turnaround.

The only drawback here is that you do not receive the full value of your vintage toys.

Local Toy Dealer

Local toy dealers offer a quick selling process and no charges. Moreover, you can verify them with the Better Business Bureau and find them easily in your city.

You, however, need to be prepared to get a lower value and lower percentage than you expected. They know you cannot wait to lay your hands on the money.

eBay and other Online Auction Platforms

eBay is great for reaching a wide buying audience and getting decent prices. But it takes a long time and can be tiring. To add to those, you might have a demanding time finding your way around, avoiding fraudsters, and visiting the post office every day.

Fees are also high, bidding is unpredictable, and you must receive your used toys if buyers return them.

Craigslist and similar Online Swap Platforms

Craigslist and Facebook are not so different from eBay. You get a wide audience you can sell to and who can pay you good money for your vintage He-Man toys. Usage is hitch-free, and you do not pay any fees.

On the downside, such platforms are time-sapping, risky in terms of privacy, and popular for frauds. The lack of functional customer support makes them even riskier apart from the frequent interaction with people who ask questions but never buy.

Finally, if you live in a rural setting, your chances of selling your used He-Man toys via these means are little. Usually, being in the city offers a better chance.

Sell your old and used He-Man toys to Wheeljack’s Lab and get paid!

What you have read in this post shows the stages involved in selling used, old, or vintage He-Man action figures. If you have been surfing the Internet for “where to sell my He-Man toys”, this post is for you.

Now, you know the money-making tips to get the most from your collectibles. But do you want to stress about cleaning, identifying, naming, and doing all the preliminaries on your own?

Why not trust us at Wheeljack’s Lab to handle everything for you? Send a message or call 888-946-2895. Our 20+ years’ experience in the toy resale industry makes us the best business to sell your vintage He-Man toys too.

You get great customer support, quick payments, no fees, free shipping, and same-day toy quotes. Which means you do not have to wait several hours or days for your money. And you are sure that your old He-Man toys will make it to a new home where their new owners will welcome and take loving care of them.

Author: Chris Ingledue 


Bio: I am the founder and owner of Wheeljack’s Lab pop Culture and Toy Shop. My vision has always been to reunite customers with their favorite childhood toys and pop culture, triggering fond memories, and reigniting their imaginations. Every day, I work in the “lab” where it’s Christmas 365 days a year. I scour the internet, like when we had the Sears Catalog of yesteryear, for the next great treasure. Then, I await the arrival of the postman as if he were Santa Claus himself and helping collectors worldwide with their own versions of Christmas. Every day as a vintage toy buyer is an absolute joy!

Are you ready for the best place to sell your He-Man toys?

Wheeljack’s Lab has the knowledge and experience to give you the best price and service for your Masters of the Universe collection. Just look at only a small sampling of the He-Man toys that have been sold through our services!

Where to Sell Used He-Man Toys?
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Where to Sell Used He-Man Toys?
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