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Bandai Godaikin Collection

Thinking about where to sell vintage Godaikin toys? Wheeljack’s Lab is your leading place to sell your Godaikin Daltanias, Combattra, and many others.

But how do you know that you can trust us to get value for money? We have created this guide to show you the various boxes you need to tick before you can put up your Godaikin robots for sale.

For more than two decades, we have run this family business of buying and selling vintage action figures and robot toys. Some of our most popular toy lines are M.A.S.K., Transformers, G.I. Joe, and He-Man. So, we understand what goes into preparing your toys for sale and making good cash off them in the long run.

Read this post to learn the assorted options you have, and why Wheeljack’s Lab might just be the best place to sell Godaikin action figures.

Before you are ready to sell your Godaikin Toys

Before you look for where to sell your Godaikin toys and collectibles, there are a few quick steps that you should follow. While you may want to rush out there to get money today, you will risk losing out on money if you are not properly prepared. So, to get the most out of your used toys, quickly check off these steps.

Step 1: Define the Owner

When you are trying to find where to sell vintage Godaikin toys, you should know the backstory of these toys. Have you always owned the Godaikin toys you plan to sell? Unfortunately, if you only recently gained ownership over toys that are decades old, you will find yourself missing critical information.

Now, if you are the original owner of the Godaikin toys, you will know if your toys belong in Series 1, Series 2, or Series 3. Also, you will have accurate information about Bioman, Gardian, and Voltes V. These are things that will come to you naturally as a toy owner.

But if you do not own them yourself, we suggest that you send us an email here so that we can explain what options you have.

Step 2: Organize and identify your Godaikin toy collection.

The next most major step is to determine what Godaikin toys you have. Godaikin toys by Bandai America came into the US in 1984, two years after their original manufacture dates. In Japan, they were initially known as Chogokin toys. When they debuted in United States stores, they were named differently and repackaged.

If you are familiar with this tiny bit of history, you may be able to decide what Godaikin toys you have in your collection. When naming your robot toys, be careful with handling the parts and accessories. Group them according to their typical sizes – four inches, five inches, or twelve inches.

Arranging and labeling are often easier for the original toy owner. So that is another benefit of being the original owner of the Godaikin toys.

And this leads us directly into the third step in getting where to sell vintage Godaikin toys.

Step 3: Find out what your Godaikin toys are worth.

Not sure how much to expect when you sell your Godaikin toys? Here is how to have an idea of what your toys are worth.

What is the essence of this 7-part price research? Toy prices vary due to several reasons, the first one being the toy condition itself.

How Your Godaikin Toy Condition Affects the Money you Make

Finding where to sell vintage Godaikin toys is not half as difficult as getting your selling price right. How easy you sell your toys is also closely related to how your toys look. If the old toys look used and worn out, nobody will want them at all.

Even if anyone decides to buy, you will get a ridiculous offer. Therefore, some toys sell at $20 while others sell for $100 or more.

What should you check to ensure you get a good deal for your toys?

Answering these questions will give you a good estimate before you find a place to sell your Godaikin toys.

Step 4: Inspect the cleanliness of your toys.

Just as you would inspect any new item you buy, carefully check your Godaikin toys. Dirty, ugly-looking toys never sell. So, if your Godaikin action figures have been sitting in your attic or basement for many years, it is time to dig them out.

Besides digging them out, you need to clean them thoroughly and prepare them for sale. If your toys do not look redeemable in terms of cleaning, do not stress one bit about them. People love beautiful things – toys inclusive.

But if it is just dust, smoke, or other easily removable stains on the toys, clean as required. The worst damage often comes from sunlight, high heat, and low humidity. The best approach to fix the yellowing problems is to read this article that we created on dealing with action figure discoloration.

Step 5: Discard the toys that animals and pests have damaged.

Unfortunately, not all Godaikin action figure toys can sell. These exceptions include destroyed toys or ones that animals, bugs, rodents, or even insects have marred.

Most toy collectors or retail businesses avoid such toys. First because of the bad shape, and second because selling them is impossible.

So, where can I sell my Godaikin toys for cash?

With the 5 steps discussed above, you now know what you need before you sell vintage Godaikin toys. Next, we will show you 6 places to sell your old toys and compare their perks and downsides.

Remember, your best pick would depend on how much time you have.

Local Auction Services


  • Auction services are easy to use. They hardly have long time-wasting protocols.
  • You will find them easily within your area.


  • Auction houses charge high transaction fees which can be a major turn-off.
  • Getting a buyer fast does not mean you will receive fast payment. Their turnaround time is super slow.
  • In rural areas, finding a buyer for your Godaikin toys may take a long time.
  • You could never guess how much you will receive for your toys.
  • You get the most of your toy sales only when you have a large toy collection.
  • Without a toy specialist to handle your sale process, you may be unhappy with the results you get.



  • You will find pawnshops easily in your area. So, you never have to worry about stressful transit when trying to sell your Godaikin toys.
  • Pawnshops make the selling process smooth. Because you do not pay any transaction fees and their goal is to sell fast.


  • These services never offer full value for toys. Their strategy is to buy at a low price and sell at higher rates.
  • Since they see you as desperate to sell, they often offer low percentages, and you may feel obliged to accept their offer.
  • Pawnshop staff members are often inexperienced at buying and selling toys. So, they never truly care about your Godaikin toys’ worth.

Toy Dealers in Your Area


  • You never have to pay transaction fees to toy dealers in your area.
  • Locating toy specialists within your area is usually stress-free.
  • They get buyers on time and pay you quickly too.
  • Plus, the sales process is fast.
  • You can verify their business on the Better Business Bureau


  • These local toy shop owners typically offer a low amount in exchange for your toys.
  • Also, they know you will not leave their store with your Godaikin toys still in your hands. So, they offer a low percentage and pressure you to accept their price.
  • Local toy dealers give you far less than what your toys are worth because they also must make a profit and pay their workers.

eBay and Other Online Auction Sites


  • Because they are on the internet, they offer you a higher chance of reaching more people.
  • Plus, the prices you will get to sell your Godaikin toys will be quite good.


  • Nonetheless, selling your toys on online auctions can be time-wasting and slow.
  • More than that, you must pay high transaction fees which further reduce the cash that you get.
  • For people in rural areas, these sites are not easy to use.
  • The uncertainty that comes with bidding may keep you on the edge of your seat.
  • You will also have to be wary of fraudsters.
  • If the person who buys your Godaikin toys does not find them satisfactory, they can return them, and you must accept.
  • Finally, the stress of going to the post office daily makes this option quite daunting.

Facebook, Craigslist, and Other Online Swap Pages


  • These platforms provide you access to a wide audience and many interested toy buyers.
  • You do not pay any transaction fees.
  • Online swap pages are easy to use.
  • The price you get in exchange for your Godaikin toys will not be too far from what you earlier estimated.


  • Selling on online swap pages takes a long time and can be frustrating.
  • These pages do not offer you customer support even if you encounter any issues while selling your toys.
  • If you live in rural areas, you may not want to try these online swap pages. Because getting people in your area would be quite difficult.
  • You will also have to be careful not to become a victim of people who only want your toys but do not have plans to pay.
  • Privacy is an issue on these pages.
  • There is also the back and forth that comes with communicating with tire-kickers who do not truly want to buy.

Online Toy Dealers


  • Selling your Godaikin toys to online toy dealers would be fast.
  • The sales process begins and ends within a week.
  • You do not pay any transaction fees (at Wheeljack’s Lab, we even take care of payment for you to ship your toys to us)
  • You can verify such businesses on the Better Business Bureau.


  • The only BUT is that you do not receive your toys’ full value since these businesses have to make a profit as well.

Sell Your Godaikin Toys to Wheeljack’s Lab

Still not sure about where to sell your vintage Godaikin toys? For first-time toy sellers, naming, arranging, cleaning, and organizing your toys for sales can be cumbersome. And this can be even more daunting when you have a big box of toys to sell.

So how do we help you? When you send us a message or call us on 888-946-2895, we respond quickly, pay for you to ship your toys to us, send you a toy quote that same day, and pay you immediately. We practically take care of everything so that the process can be a breeze for you.

Our previous toy sellers from the past 20 years and more trust us for our consistency and reliability. And we are not going anywhere anytime soon. Talk to us now.

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Where to Sell Godaikin Toys for the Best Value
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