Where to Sell G.I. Joe Toys and Collectibles?

Ready to sell your G.I. Joe collection?

If you want money for your G.I. Joe toy collection, you need to know where to sell them to? There are many options available, but the best method for selling your G.I. Joe’s or other collectibles depends on a few things. The following will explain the various options you have so you can choose the best outlet for you.

Toy collectors have been selling to Wheeljack’s Labs for over 20 years, including G.I. Joes, Star Wars, Thundercats, M.A.S.K., and various others. In addition to having a wide network of buyers and sellers, you can easily find out how much your collection or individual toys are worth and where to sell G.I. Joes for money.

Before you seek out where to sell your toys, you need to answer a few key questions

Who owned the G.I. Joe toys?

Being the original owner of your G.I. Joe’s will be a major advantage, particularly on larger collections. Otherwise, it can be difficult or impossible to trace their history and who owned it. If you purchased your toy collection from another collector, email Wheeljack’s Lab to see about tracing the original ownership.

Identifying your toys

Many of these collectible toys are decades old; you do not want to break them now and ruin their value, take your time with them. The first step is to group them into their categories to keep them organized. Once grouped, separate them further into brands. Toys have a few standard sizes; they include 4-inch, 5-inch, and 12-inch.

What is your collectable toys worth?

Once you have them organized, it is time to determine what your toys are worth. This is easier for original owners, as he/she knows the toy’s history and name. However, they still need a price. To do this, you must research others that have sold recently. The easiest way is to use eBay sold listings. Remember, you want to compare sold pricing, not asking price because sellers can ask any amount, but the value is what collectors are willing to pay.

Determine the condition of your G.I. Joe vintage toys

You will notice the same toy can sell for vastly different prices. There are four factors to consider.

  1. Is the toy sealed in its original packaging?
  2. Is it in the original packaging, but open?
  3. If open, are all the pieces there?
  4. Is anything broken?

These are all factors that affect the final value of the toy collection and why it is important to determine the condition. If your package or toy has damage, it will sell for less than the same toy in mint condition. Does it have any yellowing, scratches, scuffs? It can be hard to determine the condition without experience, but you can estimate the condition to get an ideal price range.

Are toys clean?

If you have been storing your toys on a shelf for years, or decades chances are they have collected dust. Were they placed in an attic or basement without being in a sealed container? If they have been around cigarette smoke or direct sunlight, they may have yellowed. The yellowing can be repaired; just check out this how-to guide.

If your toys were stored in low humidity or exposed to excessive heat, this could cause damages in certain vinyl and plastic toys, resulting in them becoming brittle or sticky.

Pets or Rodent Damages

In most cases, if your G.I. Joe toy collection has been attacked by insects, rodents, or chewed on by pets, they will lose most or all their value. If you have a toy or collection you believe to be valuable, it is always recommended to store them in a safe location.

Where to Sell My G.I. Joe Toys?

There are many options to choose from when it comes to where to sell your Vintage G.I. Joe Toys. The following are some good and bad points for each method available. Some methods may be more suitable for your needs than others, depending on if you need fast cash or just trying to get the most value out of a large collection. In the end, the question comes down to if you want to unload your collection quickly or if you have the time to wait for the right buyer.


If you are looking for a quick sale, pawn shops are local and easy. However, they make money by getting things for the lowest price possible and are not usually toy experts. For that reason, a pawnshop is only recommended for emergency needs.

Local Auction Services

If you are looking to sell your Hasbro or other toy collections easily, a local auction is another option. It does take longer than a pawnshop, but you may get a higher price, especially if you get lucky and have a bidding war between toy collectors. However, auctions usually have a high commission fee, and the final sale price is unknown unless you pay for a reserve. Unless you use a toy-collector based auction, results are usually unsatisfactory.

Local Toy Dealers

You could sell your vintage G.I. Joe’s and other collections to local toy dealers. Like pawnshops, they are quick and easy transactions. However, they also try to get the collection for the lowest price possible. They are more likely to know the value of your toys compared to a pawnshop, and you may make a little more, but do not expect anything close to full value, especially on larger collections.

Online Toy Dealers

Online toy dealers like Wheeljack’s Lab are another option for getting a fast turnaround time, with no hidden fees or shipping costs. You may check their reputations with the Better Business Bureau. The key downside is that you will not get full value as dealers need room to make a return on investment.

Online Auctions

Due to the large network of users, online auctions can be a good option to bring in a little more of the value. However, the process can be much slower as you must clean, stage, photograph, describe, and list each toy or collection group. Online auctions can have high fees, and the final bid amount is unknown. Many toy collectors have concerns about fraud when using online auctions, so returns must be accepted. In addition to all that, you must make a trip to ship every time a listing sells.

Online Classifieds (Craigslist, Facebook, etc.)

Online classifieds are easy to use and have no fees. The large client base means getting a reasonable price for vintage toys. However, like with online auctions, the process is slow and requires time to photograph and list. Also, there is no customer support and privacy concerns. Finally, you have people that will inquire about your listing but have no intention of purchasing.

Wheeljack’s Lab Will Buy Your G.I. Joe Action Figures

The process is more time-consuming than the alternative methods mentioned above but can get you a good price for your G.I. Joes and other toys. The process requires cleaning the toys, setting up lighting, staging the collection, identifying each toy. Have an old toy or collection you would like to sell? Contact us or call 888-946-2895, and we can handle all the tedious tasks!

Wheeljack’s Lab has been selling to collectors all over the United States for decades, which is why we are a trusted source. We have bought and sold all types of vintage toys, including Duke, Hasbro, Roadblock, Scarlett, Cobra Commander, Snake Eyes, and more. Being a third-generation family-owned business, that means we are not going away anytime soon!

Wheeljack’s Lab will respond to your quote request the same day. Additionally, prepaid shipping and immediate payments are offered. For some collections, we will come to you and pick them up directly. We work closely with a network of toy collectors that will appreciate and care for them, ensuring they are going to a good home!

Author: Chris Ingledue 


Bio: I am the founder and owner of Wheeljack’s Lab pop Culture and Toy Shop. My vision has always been to reunite customers with their favorite childhood toys and pop culture, triggering fond memories, and reigniting their imaginations. Every day, I work in the “lab” where it’s Christmas 365 days a year. I scour the internet, like when we had the Sears Catalog of yesteryear, for the next great treasure. Then, I await the arrival of the postman as if he were Santa Claus himself and helping collectors worldwide with their own versions of Christmas. Every day as a vintage toy buyer is an absolute joy!

Where can I sell my G.I. Joe toys to? Wheeljack’s Lab!

With decades worth of experience, Wheeljack’s Lab knows the worth of your vintage toys. Check out just a small selection of the G.I. Joe vintage toys that have been sold and bought through our services:

Where to Sell G.I. Joe Toys and Collectibles?
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