Where Can I Sell M.A.S.K. Toys?

Where Can I Sell M.A.S.K. Toys?

If you are reading this guide, you must be looking into ways you can sell your vintage toy collections, including where you can sell your M.A.S.K. toys. We have been dealing in buying and selling old toy collections for many years, and that gives us the knowledge to help. Of course, you can sell to our company for a painless process, but we prefer to inform collectors of all options available. Knowing the ways, you can sell M.A.S.K. toys allow you to choose the best way for your situation, it is a quick sale or getting top dollar.

Before you set off to sell your M.A.S.K. Collection!

Who was the original owner?

1987 Kenner M.A.S.K. Manta with Vanessa Warfield

If you are the original owner of your toy collection, it makes things much simpler when it comes to estimating a value and condition. If you have bought them second-hand, it can be challenging to find the original owner. This guide focuses on sellers being the original owner and knowing the history and having insight as to where each vintage toy came from, what set it is from, and any other essential information. That is information that directly affects the value of each toy. If you are not the original owner of your collection and you bought it at a flea market or somewhere else, let us help you determine the value.

What vintage M.A.S.K. toys do you have?

It is important not to damage your toy collection during this step; we recommend addition caution. If you have stored them on the shelf for years, chances are that it has collected dust, which means it is no longer in mint condition. Also, depending on the conditions, they could be fragile and break easier when handled.

You want to organize the collection to make it easier, from size, product line, and generalized categories. Doing so helps with cataloging what you have and tracing down the original owner if possible.

Researching your vintage toy value

When asking where I can sell my Vintage M.A.S.K. toy collection, we recommend the following for calculating a price. You need to know what you can sell them for realistically before you find a buyer; the first step is to research the exact toy on websites like eBay. You want to filter the sold listings; these are the listings that show what people were willing to buy the toy for.

The condition of your M.A.S.K. toys

Kenner M.A.S.K. Rhino Matt Trakker Bruce Sato

Again, the condition is a significant factor when looking for places to sell M.A.S.K. toys or other collections. There are four major areas to consider when figuring out the condition.

Parts: Many toys come with small pieces that owners may lose over time unless unopened. Figure out whether all the pieces are included or not.

Box: Do you still have the box? Is the box open or unopened? Having a box has a significant impact on price, unopened is even better.

Damage: Toys overtime break, and with toy collections, the smallest damage can have major impacts on prices, from scuffs or scratches to discoloring or deterioration. Note all damage.

Sealed: Again, if you have the unopened box, that means the toys are in factory condition. This brings the best return, long as the box itself is not damaged.

These are broad factors, but it gives you a good starting point to find prices.

Cleanliness of your M.A.S.K. toys

Shops are like collectors; they want to buy collectible toys in the best condition possible, not discolored, covered in dust, or years of sunlight damage. You may be able to clean some of these things if done carefully. We have a tutorial for removing yellowing from sunlight or smoke, and dusting will remove the dust.

Pest and animal damage

If you leave your toys in storage for years, there is a risk of damage from animals or pests. Before asking where can I sell my M.A.S.K. toys, did a dog run off with a toy, did pests get ahold of it? These are things that can cause your collectible toys to never be the same. Unfortunately, most collectors will not want to buy toys with that type of damage; this includes rodents chewing on them, insects or bugs getting in them, etc. If your toys have these types of signs, it is best to remove them from the rest before trying to sell.

Where Can I Sell My Vintage M.A.S.K. Toys?

1988 Kenner M.A.S.K. Stiletto with Clon

You could always sell your collection to us, but we understand selling your toy collection is a personal choice and surrounded by nostalgia. That is why we believe you deserve to know all your available options. Below is a list of the different alternatives and a brief explanation of each to help you choose the best method for your current situation.

Local auction services

They are local and a straightforward process. However, auctions often have high commission fees, a slower turnaround time, and no guarantee to the final selling price as it simply depends on who bids. Usually, results are less than satisfying without a bidding war between serious toy collectors. There are only a couple of auctions in the United States that specifically deal with collectible toys.


If you are looking for a fast sell, pawnshops are local and fast but also try to get items for the lowest amount possible. Also, their staff do not regularly have experience in collectible toys, thus they do not know the full value. If you need emergency cash, a pawnshop could be a possibility. Otherwise, any other choice is usually better.

Local toy dealers

Local toy dealers are quicker than online because there is no packing and shipping time, but similarly, they will not supply full value. They do know more about the toys than a pawnshop, which means they may pay a little better. However, if you show up with a bunch of boxes of toys, they will try to give an offer for the whole lot, knowing you do not want to box them back up. It is best to take smaller amounts at a time.

Online auctions

If you want access to many people and reasonable prices, online auctions are one of the better ways to get close to full value. However, the downside is the time and effort it takes to sell. To get the most, you need to sell individually or in small, categorized groups, write descriptions, take photos, package, and ship each toy. Also, there are commission fees, shipping fees, and concerns about fraud. Unless you pay for a reserve, there is no guarantee what the final bid will be.

Online classifieds

This method also supplies access to many people, including collectors. You can usually get a reasonable price, with no hidden fees, and it is simple to list. However, again there are concerns about fraud; the listing process is slow and time-consuming. It will also require responding to many people simply asking questions and no real interest in buying.

Online toy dealers

By going with an online toy dealer to sell your M.A.S.K. toys, you can minimize time spent selling, often have a fast turnaround time, and online dealers often pay shipping costs. You can use the B.B.B. to determine their background history and no hidden fees. However, they need to leave room for profit and will not supply full value.

Wheeljack’s Lab buys vintage M.A.S.K. toys for cash.

1986 Kenner M.A.S.K. Slingshot

If you have not organized and cleaned your toy collection, the process can be time-consuming. Then there is the staging for photos, naming, and ensuring information matches. If you have a M.A.S.K. or another toy collection you have an interest in selling, contact us or call at 888-946-2895. We can help handle all these things for you.

Wheeljack’s Lab has been in the toy selling and buying niche for over two decades. That means we are here to stay, know what we are doing, and will not disappear overnight. Three generations of my family have kept the business going and built an amazing network of buyers. Depending on your collection, we may even pick it up directly, as we feel the same about collectible toys as those we deal with.

Do you have old and used M.A.S.K. toys?

If you have a collection of old and used toys, you can turn those toys into cash. There is no reason to let those old toys collect dust. Contact us today to sell your M.A.S.K. toy collection.

Our professional, friendly, and expert staff have decades of experience as collectible toy buyers. If you are ready to sell your collection today, fill out the form below or call us at 888-946-2895.

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    Author: Chris Ingledue 


    Bio: I am the founder and owner of Wheeljack’s Lab pop Culture and Toy Shop. My vision has always been to reunite customers with their favorite childhood toys and pop culture, triggering fond memories, and reigniting their imaginations. Every day, I work in the “lab” where it’s Christmas 365 days a year. I scour the internet, like when we had the Sears Catalog of yesteryear, for the next great treasure. Then, I await the arrival of the postman as if he were Santa Claus himself and helping collectors worldwide with their own versions of Christmas. Every day as a vintage toy buyer is an absolute joy!

    So, now that you know where you can sell your M.A.S.K. Toys

    By now, you should know that Wheeljack’s Lab is the best place you can pick when looking for where to sell your M.A.S.K. action toys and collectibles. However, if you still have any doubts, check out just a few of the toys that have been sold and bought through us!

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