Where Can I Sell Godaikin Toys? Tips on Scoring the Best Price

Where Can I Sell Godaikin Toys? Tips on Scoring the Best Price

Do you know where you can sell your old and used Godaikin toys? This is the question that led you to this little guide. You are tired of keeping your vintage toys at home and now want them sold for some cash. Fortunately, you are at the right place.

At Wheeljack’s Lab, we are among the most trusted companies that buy old toys from owners. However, we guide our operations by a series of rules. Therefore, we have created this guide to show you the various methods to choose from when selling your Godsigma, God Marz, Diamos, or Combattra. 

This guide also discusses how you can prepare your collection for sale, the advantages and disadvantages of each sales method, and other important things you should know. So, let us go on the journey to find answers to the all-important question, where can I sell vintage Godaikin toys?

Before you jump into the market

We understand the urge that comes with entering the market in search of where you can sell your Godaikin toys. But just before you do that, here are some vital preparatory steps you need to take to get the best value for your toys.

Who is the original owner of the collection?

1982 Bandai Godaikin Voltes V

You are wondering why we are interested in knowing the original owner? The reason is simple – you will struggle to sell your old toys if you are not the original owner. The people who will get the most out of this guide are those who got their collection brand new, not second-handed, or at a flea market. 

As the original owner, you have an excellent position to provide vital information that is vital in the sales process. For instance, when and where was each toy purchased? What accessories came with it? What line did each toy come from? So, looking for answers to where can I sell my Godaikin toys is not enough; you need to provide this information to enable us to help you out. 

What toys are in your collection?

You may have to assess your collection to find the answer to this question. However, we advise that you take more precautions to avoid harming your old toys. These toys have been in storage for a long time – they are more prone to damage than ever. 

With that at the back of your mind, proceed to organize your whole collection. Sort them by categories like size, line, and others. Identify which toy came with accessories and keep the right accessories with the right toy. Finally, catalog all you have in your collection.

Find out about the pricing.

Another thing to do while searching for where I can sell my Godaikin old toys is to research the pricing. You should know what your toys sell for in the current market. The easiest way to do this is to check up the same toy in the same condition on platforms like eBay. The “SOLD” listings will give you an idea of how many potential buyers are offering for such toys. 

Assess the condition of your toys!

1984 Bandai Godaikin Daidenjin

Sorting your toys is only half of the job; the other half is to check their condition. You may wonder, “What does the condition of your toys have to do with finding where can I sell my used Godaikin toys?” The answer is simple – how much you get from your sales also depends on the condition of each toy in your collection. 

There are four vital aspects of toy condition assessment. The first is the box – toys with boxes included (even if the toy has an open box) are more likely to sell higher. The second is the parts – listing your toys alongside the little parts and accessories will increase the price. Next is the package – buyers are willing and ready to pay way more for toys with sealed boxes in factory condition. Finally, the physical condition of the toys – broken toys, whether slight or major breaks, reduce the amount you can ask for. Check the toys and identify all bits of wear and damage. 

Are your toys clean?

You will be surprised that how clean your toy is, is a principal factor when looking for where can I sell collectible Godaikin toys. Collectors, like other shoppers, prefer clean toys as opposed to those covered in dust, yellowed from smoke, or weaken from constant exposure to sunlight. There are hacks to make your not-so-clean toys clean again. For instance, you can clean off the dust. You can also repair the yellowing by following our instructions in a special tutorial. 

Are your toys damaged by pests or animals?

Asides from dust or yellowing, pests or animals may cause considerable damage to your toys. These damages may hurt your chances of getting the best returns even when finding answers to how and where can I sell vintage Godaikin toys. 

Collectors hardly pay well for toys damaged by pests. It could be bugs entering into the toys, dogs dragging the toys around to deform them, rodents nibbling on them, or toys covered in animal droppings. It is best to remove such toys from your collection before you put them up for sale.

Where can I sell my old and used Godaikin toys?

1984 Bandai Godaikin Bioman

This is the most important aspect of this guide. Now that you have decided to let go of the nostalgia and all to sell your vintage Godaikin toys, you should know the diverse options you have. The first and the best option is always to sell to us. Wheeljack’s Lab is always ready to buy your toys for the best price in the fastest time. 

However, there are alternatives you can choose from. We have listed them below, each with the applicable upsides and downsides:

Local Auction Service


  • It is easy to use and is locally accessible. 


  • You may have to deal with the high fees and very slow turnaround time. 
  • The sales price is determined by the buyers you have on that day.
  • You may not get the best value for your toys, except your collection is very large or you have the help of a specialist. 



  • They are locally accessible and easy to use. 


  • You will not get full value – the buyers will take advantage of your need for cash and offer low percentages. 
  • Pawnshop owners are not experts – they buy at ridiculous prices to be sure they will make a profit. 

Local Toy Dealers


  • The turnaround time is quick so that you can save time. 
  • They are verifiable with the Better Business Bureau.
  • It is free and locally accessible. 


  • You will hardly get full value – they exploit you as a captive audience just like pawn shops. 
  • They know you are not ready to re-box your toys after unboxing them, so they offer you rates far below your initial valuations, especially when you go with many boxes of toys.

eBay and other Online Auctions


  • You get to sell to a large client base at reasonable prices.


  • The process is slow and time-consuming. 
  • They charge very high fees.
  • You are not sure how the bidding process will be like. 
  • The platforms are not straightforward to use.
  • You are at risk of fraud. 
  • You must accept returns.
  • If you are selling an enormous collection piece by piece, expect to make daily runs to the post office. 

Online Swap Pages – Craigslist and Facebook


  • There is a large client base to sell to. 
  • The prices are decent and there is no fee. 
  • The platforms are easy to use. 


  • The process can be slow and time-consuming. 
  • There are serious fraud and privacy concerns and no customer support. 
  • There is limited access in the rural areas.
  • You may waste considerable time with tire-kickers – people who only want to bargain without buying. 

Online Toy Dealers


  • They make the process faster and easier – you can complete purchases in less than a week.
  • You can verify these dealers with the Better Business Bureau.
  • They charge no fees and may pay for the shipping in most cases. 


  • You may not get full value for your collection. 

At Wheeljack’s Lab, you can sell your Godaikin toys for cash!

Bandai Godaikin 1984 Bio Dragon

If this is your first time looking for where you can sell your old Godaikin toys for cash, you may find the entire process demanding and time-consuming. From cleaning your toys to staging, lighting, naming, and sorting them, you have too much to do for a first-timer. 

But not to worry, there is an easier way to turn your toy collection into cash. At Wheeljack’s Lab, we buy toys paying cash. We are a popular toy buyer, be it new toys, used toys, old toys, or vintage toys. We have over 20 years of excellent track records, with thousands of thrilled customers. This is a family business that we have built on continuity and sustainability. We will be here for as long as possible. 

With us, you get seamless and prompt communications, instant payment, and prepaid shipping. We offer to pick up your collection where applicable. You also get your quotes the same day. Let us be your answer to where can I sell my vintage Godaikin toys. Reach out today on the phone at 888-946-2895 or send a message, and we will take it from there.

Do you have old and used Godaikin toys?

If you have a collection of old and used toys, you can turn those toys into cash. There is no reason to let those old toys collect dust. Contact us today to sell your Godaikin toy collection.

Our professional, friendly, and expert staff have decades of experience as collectible toy buyers. If you are ready to sell your collection today, fill out the form below or call us at 888-946-2895.

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