Where are the Best Places to Sell ThunderCats Toys for Cash?

Where are the Best Places to Sell ThunderCats Toys for Cash?

If you are looking to get the most from the sale of your ThunderCats toys, you want to find the best places to sell them. While you may be lucky enough to stumble across the best place on your first attempt, usually it takes a lot of trial and error to get the best value for your toys. However, with guidance from an expert, you can save yourself a lot of headaches as you search for places to sell your toys.

For the past twenty years, Wheeljack’s Lab has been the best buyer of vintage action toys. The best place to sell vintage ThunderCats toys and get cash in a faster and reliable way is Wheeljack’s Lab. Here we have the best tools to help clients maximize profits from their toys. There are many tips you should consider before knowing the worth of your toys.

It is normal to worry about the best place to sell used ThunderCats toys, but with some tips on how to go about this, everything will be okay. These tips will help you know the best place to sell ThunderCats toys.

Things to consider before you look for the best places to sell ThunderCats toys.

1984 LJN ThunderCats Lion-O

Like other businesses, clients should know some tips before selling out their ThunderCats toys. These tips are essential, and every client should address them. To make more money from your ThunderCats toys, you should follow these tips. You need to understand how these tips work before finding the best places to sell ThunderCats toys. These business tips are essential if you do not want to incur losses.

So, follow our tips as follows:

Who was the original owner of the ThunderCats toys?

It is usually more straightforward handling stuff that you have familiarized yourself with before. The same applies to the process of analyzing, sorting, and setting prices for toys. The process is usually easier for the original owners of the toys. If you have an extensive collection of these toys, the process will also be a bit complex.

That is why original owners can have it easier because they are already familiar with their toy collection. People with many toy lines need to get specialized advice before selling their toys, and we can help you with such needs. If you are already familiar with the toy brands, the next tip will be more straightforward for you.

Properly organize your ThunderCats toys for easy classification

If you want to make this process easier for you, ensure that you sort the ThunderCats toys collection according to the brand. For instance, many toy manufacturers and sorting toys using the manufacturers’ names is a promising idea.

You can organize them in a category whereby you put them in one box if it is from LJN (Manufacturer). Suppose the toys are from Cheetara with Wilykit manufacturers or Jaga/ Tongue-A-Saurus/ The Cat’s Lair and Battle-Matic Lion-O manufacturers.

The process can be challenging if you do not know how to distinguish brands from the other manufacturers. To make it easier, you can start with the brands you are familiar with, and then you can sort out the rest later. It would be best if you were careful while sorting these toys because some can be fragile, and other brand names are unclear.

Calculating The Value of Each Toy

1986 LJN ThunderCats S-S-Slithe

As soon as you identify the toys in your collection, you should evaluate the value of each toy. There are some strategies you can use to find an accurate price for each toy. The best method is to find the price for similar toys in the nearby toy stores or online toy stores.

You can check sites like eBay for the going price of your ThunderCats toys. To avoid confusion while checking the prices in such places, you should look at the sold price and avoid looking at the active listings. This is not usually the actual price, so it is advisable to compare the value wisely.

As you look at the sol price in such sites, ensure that you have an idea of the price range to sell each toy. These toys’ prices can confuse you because some will go at a high or low price despite them looking alike.

The factors that influence the value of a toy include the toy’s condition, like how clean the toy is. The other factors include wear and tear, whether the toy has all its accessories, and cleanliness. A neat toy will go at a fairer or higher price than a dirty ThunderCats toy. Such factors will help you know the worth of your toy collection.

How the condition and cleanliness of your toy affects your selling price

Storing toys for a long time can ruin their appearance, making a brand look unfit. For instance, if a brand like LJN (Manufacturer) gets rusty, it may appear like a different brand like Jaga or The Cat’s Lair. If your toys get damaged by mites or insects, pests, rodents, or other animals, the value reduces.

Damaged toys will diminish in value, and their worth reduces because buyers will not be interested. Some factors like keeping the toys clean are essential, and you need to ensure the toys are in great shape. It would be best if you washed them after sorting out the brand names.

If you stored the toys in a dusty place, they would be a bit rusty; hence you should clean the toys first. If the toys were in a house full of smoke, they would also appear tarnished and discolored. These toys will have a low value, and buyers will not be interested in buying them.

Toys in display cases or otherwise in the open for a while will also appear discolored because of the sunlight. Luckily, we have a useful guide to help you restore your toy from issues like sun-bleaching.

Overall, you should keep toys away from extreme temperatures like heat and humidity.

Where are the Best Places to Sell ThunderCats toys?

LJN 1986 Thundercats Cheetara

It would be best if you did not worry about getting buyers for your toys because many people are interested in ThunderCats toys. Finding buyers for your toys is also easy if you choose the best approach.

You should invest a lot of time in sorting, cleaning, and selling the toys. You should consider the transaction of the toys, and that’s why sorting is the most delicate part. How you sort the toys determines the value of the toys.

Pros and cons of the best place to sell vintage ThunderCats toys.

Local Auction Service


  • Selling at these places is easy. So, you can potentially get the best price with little effort.
  • It is a local location hence quite accessible to everyone. this makes it easier for customers to maximize profits.


  • Clients can experience a slow turnaround time.
  • There are high fees involved.
  • Some unknown sales prices are involved.
  • It is not a great option if you have an extensive collection of toys unless you seek help from a specialist.



  • Selling your used ThunderCats toys to a Pawnshop is simple. Once you arrive at the store, you simply need to talk to the clerk to arrange your sale.
  • It is local hence easily accessible.


  • Clients can be at the losing end because they may not get the total value.
  • Clients do not enjoy the high percentages.

Local Toy Dealer


  • Clients can save time because here you minimize the time.
  • These places guarantee a fast turnaround time for clients. It is in their best interest to complete the sale during your initial visit.
  • Clients have access to perform background checks with Better Business Bureaus
  • You will not have a guaranteed profit because there are no fees involved, and it is local.


  • Users may not get total value for their toys.
  • Clients may incur huge Losses.

Online Auctions like eBay


  • These sites will offer you the largest client base available, both online and offline. Depending on the auction site you choose, you will have thousands to millions of potential buyers available to you.
  • Fair prices are involved during online auctions like eBay.


  • Selling your toys at sites like eBay is a slow and tedious task. Auctions take up to a week to finalize. Then, you will continue to wait as eBay processes your payment.
  • Online auctions are time-consuming.
  • High fees are involved in online auctions.
  • Clients cannot predict the results of the bidding process.
  • There are some fraud concerns in online auctions.
  • These sites may be hard to use for some people.
  • Clients using online auctions to sell their toys must accept all the returns involved.
  • Clients may have some challenges because they will be running to the post office often.

Online Swap Pages Facebook and Craigslist


  • There is an extensive client base guarantee.
  • No reasonable prices are involved.
  • Clients can gain profits because these places do not charge fees when you sell your ThunderCats toys to them.
  • These sites are easy to use, and more clients can have access.


  • You are likely to wait a long time to find the right buyer for your toys. Not only will you need to ensure that your post remains on the front page, but you will also need to be available to answer questions about your toys. So, this process is very time-consuming.
  • It wastes time in some instances.
  • You can experience some fraudulent behaviors.
  • Such sites have poor customer support.
  • Privacy issues are inevitable in such sites.

Online Toy Dealer



  • Unfortunately, an online toy dealer will never offer you the retail value for your toys. So, you will not receive the full going price of the toy.

Here’s why Wheeljack’s Lab is the Best out of the places to sell your ThunderCats toys.

1986 LJN ThunderCats Tygra

From the descriptions given above, there are many steps involved in your toy sorting and selling processes. For advice on any approach, you can contact our customer support through this number 888-946-2895 and email.

You can trust us at Wheeljack’s Lab because it is highly recognized in the past twenty years. This is known among generations, and our customer support team delivers on time. For any inquiries about our wide range of services, we are a call away! Contact us to find an ideal home for the ThunderCats toys!

Do you have old and used ThunderCats toys?

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