When Were the Original Other World Action Figures Made?

In the early 1980s, the world of children’s toys was electrified by the introduction of a new and enchanting line of action figures known as the Other World series. The exciting toy line is a favorite for many collectors. Many people wonder when the original Other World action figures were made. This article will briefly explore the expansive history of the toy line.

Gaifand 2 Headed Dragon The Other World 1984 Arco

The Original Other World Action Figures

Launched by Arco in 1982, these figures brought a wave of innovation. The premise of Other World revolves around Raidy, the King of Glowgon, leading his army of Jipps in a relentless pursuit of the Pir’Ankus while combating the insidious Zendo and his Mogs. The fantasy storyline woven into the series piqued the imagination of countless children, making the Other World figures an instant hit.

Unlike traditional action figures, the Other World figures were non-articulated but bendable, boasting an interlaced wire within a rubber composition. This unique design added an element of flexibility and tangible interaction that further fueled the intrigue for these imaginative toys.

Hondu The Other World 1984 Arco

The Other World Series

Series 1 debuted in 1982, introducing us to both Jipps and Mogs, as well as a captivating cast of characters, including Ronin, Raidy, Kreena, Zendo, Hondu, Kamaro, Sharkoss, Kontory, Gaifand, and Froggacuda, and let’s not forget the commanding presence of the Castle Zendo playset. Initially, the figures were released 2-a-pack on cardbacks, each pack containing a Mog or Jipp and glow-in-the-dark weapons that thrilled young adventurers at the time.

Arco continued to elevate the Other World experience by releasing Series 2 in 1983. This series introduced a new slew of characters, such as General Ess Gee, Warrior Jurka, Skitzo, Weapons Master, Lava Man, and Sir’Cobra. Concurrently, the company shifted to individually packaging the figures, which now included both a Jipp and a Mog and an expanded armory of weapons, further immersing the players in the fantasy world.

Arco launched the final series, Series 3, in 1984, introducing Antor, Moc the Rock Thrower, and Yurus to the ever-expanding Other World universe. Notably, the beasts from the series were released in visually striking window boxes, taking the unboxing experience to a whole new level.

Skitzo The Other World 1894 Arco Bend Em Two Headed Action Figure


Over four decades since their inception, the Other World action figures have retained their charm and nostalgia. Here at Wheeljack’s Lab, we celebrate the rich history of such vintage toys. We believe they’re not just playthings but artifacts of a time that sparked creativity and imagination like no other.

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