What Happened To Wheelie? Shipping gone bad – Here’s how you can avoid it!

A MOSC Tragedy

So you got a sealed on card figure you’re going to send out, or receive. The toy is going on 35 years old – that’s getting up there! Glue, adhesives and plastic break down just like we do.

While this figure wasn’t a GEM, it wasn’t bad either. So what happened? Along with some other sealed figures, which were packed properly, this one was packed improperly. Instead of being figure face up (toward postal label) he was sideways with the edge of the card up. Even worse it was in a star case with no protection given to the bubble (the card was protected great though).

Wheelie was coming back home from Chile and after hitting 10,000 bumps, he just fell off. These figures require support (kind of like a jock boys and girls) – those bubbles need support. Had the bubble had some support from bubble wrap or packing peanuts, I think he would have been alright.

Just trying to save a couple figures from the same fate. May he rest in peace.

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