The Top Ten Shogun Warriors Robots and Characters

The Top Ten Shogun Warriors Robots and Characters

Although the toys originated from Japan, Shogun Warriors became a comic book classic that introduced and promoted Mattel’s toy line. The idea of using animated series and comic classics as a platform to introduce toys gained prominence in the late 1970s. Thus, Shogun Warriors were a massive depiction of such a line of advertisement. A collaboration of Doug Moench and Herb Trimpe supplied the writing talent on the comic books. Thus, Marvel published the 20-series comics between February 1979 to September 1980. 

The Shogun Warriors, a group of enormous humanoid robots, which a group called “followers of the light” created to address the growing threat of evils around the world. Although there were many Shogun Warriors in the Shogun Warriors toy line, Marvel Comics obtained the rights to only three Shogun Warriors, which are Raydeen, Combatra, and Dangard Ace.

With most of the major heroes of Shogun Warriors as Robots, some have attracted more attention from comic book readers than others.

Presenting, the top ten robots and characters from the Shogun Warriors comic books

10. Doctor Demonicus

Dr. Demonicus

For a comic book not short of characters with supernatural powers, the intelligence of Doctor Demonicus was the supernatural ability attached to him. Dr. Demonicus is a famous supervillain in Marvel comics. Originally, Dr. Demonicus made his appearance against another giant creature in Marvel’s comics, Godzilla. Then, he featured in Avengers before his appearance in Shogun Warriors.

Dr. Demonicus possesses advanced knowledge of genetics, coupled with an unmatched understanding of advanced technology. His fighting skill is not exceptional, although he showed some rare fighting prowess against Gabe Jones. However, what he lacks in fighting, Demonicus makes up for it with the creation of genetically mutated creatures he deploys in combat. Unfortunately, Dr. Demonicus’s battle with skin cancer forces him to wear life support devices in his outfits.

Children do not particularly love Dr. Demonicus because of his ugly and horror-looking appearance with mottled skin and horns on his forehead. He is often in possession of a blaster that emits concussive energy. Despite his role as a supervillain, Dr. Demonicus is still an outstanding character and a worthy villain.

9. Cerberus


Cerberus is a super-robot that appeared in the Shogun Warriors comic. Others often describe him as a destroyer, a name he earned for his brutality and fighting prowess. This Super-robot has a lot of unique abilities, some of which include floating, flying, and walking on land.

Cerberus is also in possession of five automated head shuttles, with each of them possess the ability to attack their prey independently. When separated, the shuttles also have sophisticated weapons, which makes Cerberus a problematic villain to encounter.

His unique appearance makes him challenging to sight as a foe and easily confused as a US navy warship. His brutality was first experienced when he attacked tourists at a beach. Raydeen was the answer to his aggression, but his head shuttles ensured the battle was not an easy one. The head shuttles transformed into a powerful weapon to destroy Raydeen. However, Raydeen successfully predicted the attack and destroyed the head, but they kept changing shapes, and they successfully made the battle a long and interesting one.

8. Maur-Konn


Maur-Konn is an extraterrestrial Myndai that appeared in the Shogun Warriors. While Maur-Konn did not have any entirely remarkable nor unique fighting skills, he was intelligent at drawing fighting tactics. Maur-Konn, as well as Dr. Demonicus, had advanced scientific knowledge in genetics.

Maur-Konn was obsessed with the goals of his ancestors, who had earlier tried to conquer the earth and dominate it. However, the followers of the light resisted their efforts and suppressed their attempts. With an early defeat by the followers of the light, they buried Maur-Konn along with his defeated accomplices buried. However, a volcanic eruption gave them a second chance.

Maur-Konn refused to concede defeat and created a monster called Rok-Korr, who he developed with his knowledge of genetics. In a famous conflict with the Shogun Warriors, Maur-Konn had Rok-Korr split into three different monsters to limit the collective threat of the Shogun Warriors. The series of events made Maur-Konn a firm believer in science rather than a believer in dark magic. He was a regular thorn in the flesh to the Shogun Warriors even when he was at the ropes.

7. Lt Magar

Lt Magar

Lt Magar is a major supervillain in the Shogun Warriors. Like Maur-Konn, Magar is also a member of the followers of the dark. Magar was second-in-command to Maur-Konn, who was a famous leader of the followers of the dark.

Despite being a close ally to the genetic scientist and experienced the effect of Maur-Konn’s genetic creations, Magar still refused to believe in what Maur-Konn called science. Instead, he often argues that magic provided a better way over the time spent on creating monsters. Magar was also obsessed with the traditional methods of creating monsters with magic that he exposed the scientifically built mech-monster of Maur-Konn to the pool of life, which made the monster human.

Magar also belongs to the Myndai race, a group of people obsessed with conquering the earth and dominating it. When Maur-Konn led the war against the Followers of Light, Magar was a crucial part of strengthening the group in the war against the warriors of light.

6. Genji Odashu

Genji Odashu

Genji is a member of the followers of light. She was a heroine who acted the role of a pilot in the Shogun Warriors. She had an exceptional talent in handling various jets, which is why she became the chosen pilot of Combatra.

Genji did not join the followers of light at will. She was on her way to deliver an essential piece of equipment when she was teleported without her consent by the followers of Light. Despite her early aggression, she was convinced by Dr. Tambura’s explanation.

Genji was a part of the team that defeated Rok Korr despite falling unconscious when she attacked the monster. It was not the only time Genji was a victim of Maur-Konn’s creation. She also fell a victim during a night training with Combatra before the other group members came to her rescue.

Later Maur-Konn once again captured her, who proved to be too intelligent for Genji to handle. However, she benefitted from the internal division of the followers of the dark. Eventually, Magar released her after he shot her guards.

While Genji was not exceptional in her fighting skills, she made up for that with her prowess in piloting Combatra.

5. Rok Korr

Rok Korr

Rok Korr is a robot created by Lord Maur-Konn as a weapon to destroy the followers of light. This creature was also a supervillain that possessed several unique attributes. Maur-Konn created Rok Korr by imbuing lava with a level of superior intelligence through magical rituals.

His armor-covered bodies gave him adequate protection from certain weapons and enabled him to move quickly. His highly long tentacles could hold off his enemies and prevent an escape. The left tentacle could also emit a great beam of light capable of inflicting destructions. His wheel-like feet could transform into a weapon when necessary. Also, Korr could split into three entities.

He was the first mechanical monster that Maur-Konn created to aid his course, the eventual destruction of the earth, and all that stood in his path, including the followers of light. The followers of light resisted the strength and mechanical abilities of Korr with their Robots, who later suppressed the supervillain in a prolonged battle.

4. Dangard Ace

Shogun Warriors #9 (Starchild) - October 1979

Dangard Ace is a robot and a strong member of the Shogun Warriors. He is powerful and possesses the ability to withstand varying temperatures, such as the cold of space travel and the pressure of the ocean floor. Its means of attack is to activate the Photon blasts in its chest cavity. The eyes of this robot also fire laser beams. The robot can also transform itself into Dreadnought-Titan, making it capable of flight and travel through water. Along with the other two Shogun Warriors, Dangard Ace can perform the mighty triangle fist with no limit to the destructive capacity of such energy blasts.

Dangard Ace was involved in almost all major victories of the Shogun Warriors, reflecting his profound impact on the group.

3. Richard Carson

Richard Carson

Carson is a member of the followers of light who makes piloting look like an easy activity. He pilots the giant robot Raydeen yet makes it look like an effortless activity with his incredible reflexes and quick decision making.

Carson was instrumental to the victories of the Shogun Warriors with his profound impact. Carson’s fighting prowess was necessary when men in black attacked him, who he later discovered to be a group of advanced machines. Carson’s decision-making was excellent and led to several victories of the group.

2. Combatra

Shogun Warriors #10 (Five Heads of Doom) - November 1979

Combatra was a robot and a powerful member of the Shogun Warriors. Like the other two, Combatra is exceptionally strong, with detachable hands which also function as a weapon. Combatra is a mobile arsenal that has different missiles and sophisticated weapons and a large laser cannon. Combatra also has a strong flight, enabling it to fly a long distance within a brief period. As much as the other two, Combatra was able to perform the power triangle fist that proved to have a devastating effect.

The robot was involved in every manor operation of the Followers of Light and was crucial to their success.

1. Raydeen

Shogun Warriors #1 (Raydeen) - February 1979

Raydeen is the perfect weapon the followers of light needed to resist the aggression of their adversaries. He is a unique robot with highly developed offensive and defensive abilities. Like other members of the Shogun Warriors, it had an extremely prominent level of physical strength. It also has sophisticated weapons across its bodies. A massive blade on its arm, a bow in its left wrist, projectiles on its chest, and a large shield around its body.

Raydeen was the reason for the major successes of the followers of light.

Final Thoughts

The Shogun Warriors comic book created awareness for a line of toys, but the perfect role of the characters made it a perfect medium of advertising.

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