The Top Ten Battlestar Galactica Characters

The Top Ten Battlestar Galactica Characters

Battlestar Galactica is American science fiction, action, horror, and adventure movie. Glen Larson wrote and produced the original Battlestar Galactica series. The series originally aired between 1978-1979 and contained about 24 episodes. The original franchise of Battlestar Galactica earned many audiences, and the decision to suspend the show led to a wide range of criticisms. Although the series returned to television, it failed to live up to the standard created by the first series.

The series storyline centered around a struggle for survival by humans who were members of a twelfth colony. The war between humans and a special race of species called “Cylons” had lasted almost a thousand years. The Cylons often benefitted from betrayal, divisions, and ignorance among the humans to gain a strong foot in the war. The humans often deployed an escape route to a planet called through a specially built spaceship.

The unique characterization of Battlestar Galactica was one of the few differences between the series and Star Wars

The top ten characters in the Battlestar Galactica

10. Colonel Saul Tigh

Colonel Saul Tigh

Colonel Saul Tigh was a member of the thirteenth tribe who inhabited the earth until its destruction. Saul Tigh was one of the five people who survived the attack. Fortunately, the intervention of an angel orchestrated his escape from the destruction. This angel gave him a narration that the war between man and machines was inevitable. By the time Saul found himself in Kobol, he was aware that the humans were already facing the war between themselves and their creation — the Cylons. 

Colonel Saul Tigh was highly relevant to the humans as he ushered a truce between humans and the Cylons by offering the Cylons access to his creation — a technology that enables him to download conscious minds into artificial bodies. This introduction led to the creation of the Number One tribe of Cylons. 

Saul was emotionally unstable due to the pains he suffered from his wife, who cheated on him. However, he was highly intelligent and relevant to Commander Adama.

9. Dr. Sherman Cottle

Dr. Sherman Cottle

Very few characters carried the aura of the significance of Dr. Sherman Cottle. He was a human officer who had a limited role as a physician, where he became the most important character of the series. Cottle became very occupied after the Cylon’s attack as he had to be responsible for many people who were struggling for survival. The crew required his attention to conduct surgeries and attend to victims with chances of survival. Cottle was also responsible for the treatment of President Laura Roselin after her diagnosis of breast cancer. He even took the unconventional mode of recommending a natural healer for the president. 

His biggest client was Commander Adama after he sustained a severe injury in a failed assassination attempt led by Sharon Valerii. Despite his initial absence, Cottle traveled back in time to save the commander. Cottle was the character that sustained your interest in the Battlestar Galactica.

8. Count Baltar

Count Baltar

If you were part of the special generation that watched the Battlestar Galactica, there was one character you were so interested in seeing his pitfall — Count Baltar.

Balter did not gain prominence for his prowess in fighting. Rather, he was just a human politician who inspired the end of the thousand-year war between humans and Cylons through cunning dealings with the Cylons. Baltar was a member of the governing body of the humans, popularly referred to as the “Council of the twelve.” Baltar successfully manipulated the council by making them think he was able to establish a pact between the humans and their traditional foes. The humans were prepared to meet the Cylons near Cimtar and sign the pact. However, the Cylons attacked and destroyed the fleet of battlestars. Within hours, the Cylons had massively destroyed humanity, handing the humans their greatest defeat since the war began. 

Despite his alliance with the Cylons and the victory, Baltar did not receive his promised reward. Instead, he received punishment for his greed.

7. Number Two

Number Two

Number Two is a model of humanoid Cylon. Unlike the Number Six model, which was at liberty to pick a name, all Number Two models use ” Leoben.” The Number Two, like every other Cylon, was very manipulative, though they showed a broader understanding of Spiritual things, an attribute that was unique to their model.

The most famous Number Two, Leoben Conoy, possess these attributes. Later, Commander Adama beat Number Two to death then subjected his body to scientific research.

6. Gaius Baltar

Gaius Baltar

Gaius Baltar is a brilliant computer scientist. His intelligence made him a fearsome force within the colony. Baltar had the responsibility of introducing software networking that links all military vessels. This responsibility made Baltar a well-desired asset by the enemies of humanity who were hellbent on destroying them. The Cylons soon prepared a plan to lure Baltar into a romantic relationship with a Cylon who appeared like a beautiful blonde lady named “Number Six.” The plan was effective as Baltar could not resist getting into a sexual relationship with the Cylon. Unfortunately, Gaius gave up access to the military defense mainframe in exchange for a navigation program that created backdoors in the program.

The Cylons eventually exploited the backdoor to penetrate the security of the humans, leading to a heavy attack by the Cylons, who also used the information obtained by Baltar to shut down their defenses. This left Baltar looking for measures to erase traces of his involvement in the attack.

Despite the Cylons’ manipulations, Baltar’s intelligence was instrumental to the destruction of some Cylons.

5. Number Six

Number Six

As the Number Two, Number Six is a model of humanoid Cylons. The Number Six are members of a Cylon model referred to as ” Significant Seven.” The unique Cylon model possesses the attribute of using different human alias for copies. The humanoid Cylon was also a is a creation of the Final Five. Despite being a humanoid Cylon, Number Six became a fan favorite for her typical blonde hair and beautiful stature. Also, the Number Six models were at liberty to pick their names, unlike the Number Eight and Number Two, who appears with the names “Sharon” and “Leoben,” respectively.

The most notable Number Six was the one that seduced Gaius Balter into a romantic relationship to obtain access to the colony’s security. The Cylons used the classified information obtained to launch a heavy attack on the humans. Despite Number Six leading the way for the attack, the Cylon model became human-friendly and tried protecting the humans though the Number One model sabotaged their efforts.

4.Laura Roslin

Laura Roslin

Laura Roslin was coincidentally the president of Kobol after a massive attack by the Cylons had killed all top-ranked government officers of the colony. From educational secretary, Laura rose to the position of president, and she quickly became fans’ favorite for her leadership style. Roslin served two terms as the president of the colony of Kobol despite heavy opposition. Commander William Adama assisted her despite early signs of disagreement between the two.

The first foe Roslin had to face was the prophecy about the leader who would lead the group to a promised land but may not live long enough to see it. With her battle against breast cancer, the prophecy looks inevitable, except for the fact that no promise and was forthcoming. Roslin had earlier experienced the tragedy of losing her mother to breast cancer and her father and her two sisters to a fatal accident. 

Earning Adama’s loyalty was her first task, but she soon finds a way around it when the commander lied about taking the people to a nonexistent planet called “Earth.” Aware of Adama’s deceitful approach, Roslin demanded loyalty to keep the secret intact. She was crucial to some of the victories of the colony.

3. Tom Zarek

Tom Zarek

Another character that may not have made this list based on the moral judgment was Tom Zarek. Zarek was a controversial character and political activist that led agitations against administrations he considered unjust and corrupt. Zarek was strategic in conveying his message and attracting public sympathy. His manipulative ability was second to none in the series.

The colonies jailed Zarek for instigating a terrorist campaign that triggered the bombing of a government house. Even when he was behind bars, Zarek was relentless. His intelligence was on full display when he authored a book from prison and repositioned himself from a terrorist to a victim of an unjust government. The plan worked, and Zarek had public sympathy behind him.

After President Laura Roslin spared him, Zarek instigated fellow prisoners to hijack the ship. Although he was unsupportive of Roslin’s administration following a failed bid for vice president, he soon took sides with her to earn a political seat. Zarek was greedy, but he had an unmatched intelligence in appealing to public sympathy.

2. Captain Kara

Captain Kara

There was no better way to describe captain Kara than her version of her description. “Everyone I know is fighting to get back something; I’m fighting because I don’t know how to do anything else.”

Kara’s description aligns with a prophecy that she holds a special purpose for humankind, a prophecy she did not disappoint. Although Kara had several flaws, including heavy drinking, getting into a fight with civilians, and disobeying orders, especially when it contradicted her instincts. However, Kara was a fantastic character that was crucial to the survival of humans. She also forged a good partnership with President Roslin.

1. William Adama

William Adama

Adama started as an officer but later became a commander of a Battlestar. Adama’s leadership role, as well as his heroics, made the TV series a memorable one. He was a character committed to the colony, and he stood his ground in the interest of the colony. He was a deciding factor in the war between humans and Cylons.


There were so many incredible personalities in Battlestar Galactica. Whether they acted as villains or heroes, they had magnetic attributes that attracted their audience.

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The Top Ten Battlestar Galactica Characters
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