The Top 10 Toys Based on Sci-Fi Movies

The Top 10 Toys Based on Sci-Fi Movies

Given many reasons, the 1900s was a unique century of entertainment. Although the world has experienced a glorious revolution centuries before, the introduction of technology into the movie industry was an accomplishment of the 20th century. The emergence of movie producers and directors who were highly innovative and willing to broaden the scope of movie production also inspired a major transformation in the century.

Sci-Fi is a movie genre that deals with imaginative and futuristic concepts like advanced science and technology, planetary explorations, time travel, multi-verses, and extraterrestrial life. In general, the setting of Sci-Fi movies usually occurs many years ahead of the movie’s actual production year. This beautiful image captivates young minds, especially those with the ability to widen their imaginations. Though a plaything, toys are a constant reminder of whatever they stand for, from your favorite superhero to your favorite wrestler, to the protagonist of your favorite film, or even its villain. There was no better way to conserve the memories of your favorite heroes than a toy.

Presenting the Top 10 toys based on Science Fiction Movies!

10. LJN’s E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial – Talking Figure (1982)

LGN Talking E.T. Figure

E. T was the name adopted by an alien in the movie The Extraterrestrial. For some reason, E.T.’s people accidentally left him behind on Earth. They had visited Earth on scientific exploration, but the arrival of armed government officials truncated their visit. A young boy found and rescued E.T with whom he shared a connection. E.T returned to his home planet after building a phone out of basic home materials to contact his people. The idea of owning an alien with superpowers was an easy sell to kids in the ’80s. Every kid wants to be like the brave boy (Elliott) that saved E.T, and every parent wants to use the toys as a storytelling method for their kids.

So, in 1982, LJN bought the rights to create a line of toys based on E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial. Up to this day, people fondly remember the vintage toy line that LGN released for this movie. One of the most memorable of these figures was an E.T. that talked.

9. Medicom Toy’s Blade Runner – Spinner (2014)

Medicom Spinner included in Blade Runner Collector's Edition

Who does not like to have a flying car? The blade runners are hunters who track and kill humanoids. For a movie that shows a lot of movement, traveling, and even chasing sometimes, it is only natural that the blade runners’ major means of transportation, the spinner, memorized audiences of the film. This is a vehicle that drives like a car, but it flies. If you care so much about conserving memories that especially caught your attention, getting the spinner toy should be considered sacrosanct. The Spinner toy is an elegant acquisition amongst all toys. For all the special effects displayed in the movies, the Spinner toy was just as colorful.

In 2014, Medicom Toy released a detailed model of the Spinner along with a collector’s edition of Blade Runner’s Blu-Ray. While Medicom only released this collection to Japanese audiences, collectors around the world would love to get their hands on it.

8. Kenner’s Jurassic Park – Electronic Tyrannosaurus Rex (1993)

Kenner's Jurassic Park Electronic Tyranosaurus Rex

Tyrannosaurus Rex is an exceptionally large dinosaur from the Sci-Fi movie Jurassic Park. Dinosaurs have been extinct from the world for an exceedingly long time, but industrialist John Hammond’s brilliance allowed people to see first-hand what wonderful creatures the dinosaurs are. Hammond had created a place on an island where people could visit to watch his cloned dinosaurs. The biggest dinosaur in the park was the Tyrannosaurus Rex, also known as the T. Rex. She is an intelligent, territorial, and incredibly fierce dinosaur. She started the film as the main antagonist but later did a heroic act of saving some kids from Raptors. A T. Rex for a toy was on every kids’ wish list. More so, you would barely find a toy lover who would ignore such an observable figure. Just like the movie, the A.T Rex toy was a very lucid object.

So, in 1993, Kenner released their line of Jurassic Park figures, including one of the Tyrannosaurus Rex. To add to the appeal, Kenner including electronic sounds such as Roars and stomping effects.

7. Kenner’s ALIENS – Alien Queen (1992)

Kenner ALIENS Alien Queen

This movie described a colony-like group of alien creatures with their queen and how their struggles for survival result in a human settlement’s desolation. The alien queen’s size and magnificent build, which its toy replicates, are beautiful. For lovers of Sci-Fi horror toys, the Alien queen is a must-have because of her dark beauty and her scary countenance. Toy lovers often have a great thirst for colorful inventions, and the Alien queen fits perfectly into that category.

In 1992, Kenner rocked the world of ALIEN action figure collectors by releasing the Alien queen to the public. While future companies have released Queens that look closer to the on-screen appearance, there is no competing with the nostalgia of Kenner’s line.

6. Kenner’s Predator – Stalker Predator (1994)

Kenner Stalker Predator

This Sci-Fi horror movie depicts an extraterrestrial creature whose basic instinct is to track down and hunt humans till it finds a worthy opponent to duel with. The Predator has a dark beauty, and it cuts a scary expression. Like the predator in the movie, the toy has red eyes to show the creature’s night vision. It also carries replicas of the predator’s energy weapons along with spears, blades, and some other weapons. The Predator is the most elegant toy adapted from a Sci-Fi horror movie. For kids well exposed to playing video games, owning a predator draws them closer to the video games. You would barely find a kid who loves the game and would not appreciate a predator toy.

In 1994, Kenner produced a series of Predator toys, including the Stalker Predator. These action figures came with multiple accessories and special gimmicks. As for the Stalker Predator, Kenner made the toy with a plastic that would glow in the dark.

5. ERTL’s Star Trek III – Mr. Spock (1984)

ERTL Star Trek III Mr. Spock

Star Trek is a film that is not short of protagonists, but the fans’ favorite protagonist must be the classic Mr. Spock. Spock had a mixed parentage, with one being Vulcan and the other being human. His Vulcan side showed in his countenance and pointed ears, while his human side showed more in his emotions. He became the science officer and later commanding officer of a star fleet’s vessel. Mr. Spock was the epitome of academic excellence in the Star Trek movie, and a lot of kids in the 80s admired him and his logic. With his high admiration, the colorful Mr. Spock toy was in high demand among kids and toy lovers.

There have been many Mr. Spock toys in the past. However, one of the most vintage figures of him came from ERTL in 1984, when they created a series of toys to go with the release of Star Trek III. In total, there were only 4 figures released for this line, along with 3 ships.

4. Bandai’s Soul of Popynika – Kaneda’s Bike (2004)

Bandai Soul of Popynika Kaneda's Bike

This futuristic movie depicts a rebellious bike gang and their endeavors to protect their friend and their country. However, Kaneda’s high-tech motorcycle stood as the most outstanding bike of all the motorcycles that were on display in this colorful movie. The red-colored super racing bike had to be adapted as a toy because of its widespread acceptance amidst young minds in the ’80s. The bike possessed speed, balance, and an unprecedented reverse function. The toy versions of Kaneda’s Bike are exact replicas, and they come with a miniature Kaneda in a red jumpsuit riding the motorcycle. The red-colored toy was a beautiful and highly attractive object.

In 2004, Bandai re-released their Soul of Popynika PX-03 Kaneda’s Bike, which now included a figure of Kaneda along with the bike. Originally, Bandai originally released this toy at the Tokyo Motor Show as an exclusive. The original version did not include the decals nor Kaneda. Luckily for Akira fans, Bandai did a full release of the PX-03 so that fans could enjoy all the die-cast detail.

3. Kenner’s Return of the Jedi – Yoda (1984)

Kenner Return of the Jedi Yoda

Yoda is an extraordinary Jedi master with vast wisdom of the Jedi Order and the Force. Yoda is a humanoid alien, small but immensely powerful. Star Wars movies were constantly about the struggles of good against evil, and Yoda was a constant threat to the world of evil. The small green powerful alien toy armed with a lightsaber is a favorite among fans because of what Yoda stands for. Although Star Wars is a movie that earned a place in the heart of the audience, the movie’s makeup dominated the headlines of newspaper outlets and other broadcasting organizations.

In 1984, Kenner added Yoda to their line of Star Wars figures. Kenner included this action figure in their Return of the Jedi line of figures. Since fans across the world adore Kenner’s line of Star Wars action figures, there is no surprise that toy collectors seek out Yoda for their collections.

2. Kenner’s Terminator 2 3-D Collector’s Edition – T-800 Terminator (1997)

Kenner Terminator 2 3-D Collector's Edition

When you talk about time travel, machine apocalypse, the Terminator comes to mind. The Terminator exhibits a cyborg sent from the future to kill a human. The Terminator toy shows a cyborg’s eye on a side and a human eye on the other side, showing the true nature of the Terminator as well as the human camouflage. Armed with replicas of M134 Minigun, M79 Grenade launcher, and a shotgun, the Terminator toy looks exactly like the real Terminator. The movie Terminator has also featured in video games, making it one of the best movies of that century. Although Arnold Schwarzenegger has since become a a great governor of California, the memories of his cyborg role conserved in toys are the best way to remember his role in the movie.

Kenner released a line of Terminator 2 action figures that Terminator fans love and adore. One of the greatest figures from this line debuted in 1997, when Kenner created a collector’s edition figure for Terminator 2 3-D, a ride that was new in Universal Studios at the time. This figure stood at 12 inches, which towered over the other Kenner Terminator toys.

1. Kenner’s Robocop – 12” Talking Figure (1989)

Kenner 12" Robocop

An epitome of honesty, a true patriot, and a defender of law and order, these were all the characteristics of a police officer, Alex Murphy. Tragedy struck Murphy, as a gang of thugs murdered him in the line of service. Unfortunately, the doctors and scientists could only salvage enough parts of him to make him an armored cyborg called Robocop. Silver paint usually highlights most Robocop toys, which a Beretta machine gun also goes with these toys. The Robocop must be the best toy adaptation of a Sci-Fi movie. His high morals make him an ideal role model for kids growing up in the ’80s and ’90. Highly used by parents in challenging their kids to be better patriots. The significance of the Robocop extended beyond the spheres of entertainment. It was only ideal for adults to discuss the movie with their kids, with one eye on the fancy toy.

Once again, Kenner served movie fans in the late 80s by releasing Robocop figures. One of the most impressive figures was a 12” talking Robocop that Kenner released in 1989. Unfortunately, Kenner never fully released this figure to the public, though the development ran into the final stages. If it had a full release, it would have included 5 different lines of dialogue. Thus, this is the rarest and most intriguing of the Robocop figures from the line.

Final Thoughts

The 1900s was not just a unique century for innovations; the movie directors in that century also found a way to ensure millennials had a taste of what the entertainment industry looks like. Though the advancement in technology has made movie producers create better pictures and sound effects in the present decade, it still did not erase the 1900s as the innovative age. The toys from the ’70s to ’80s are fast becoming collections, bringing back childhood memories that we still like and want to hold dear. These toys enable us to remember the very playful, peaceful, and problem-free periods of our lives.

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