The Top 10 Ghostbusters Toys Based on the 1984 Movie

The Top 10 Ghostbusters Toys Based on the 1984 Movie

The Ghostbusters is an action, comedy, fantasy, sci-fi, and supernatural movie that shook the 1980s like a storm. Ivan Reitman directed while Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis, who both also starred in the film, wrote the script. The Ghostbusters debuted on the 8th of June 1984. It centers on three very odd scientists (Peter Venkman, Ray Stantz, and Egon Spengler) that were formerly professors of parapsychology at the prestigious Columbia University. After they lost both their funding and jobs, they decided to start a ghost hunting company in New York City.

Ghostbusters has an incredible effect on pop culture in the 80s which aided its growth into becoming a successful multimedia franchise that includes an animated television series titled The Real Ghostbusters,” sequels to the Ghostbusters movie, video games, board games, comic books, clothing, music, books and novel, and toys and collectibles. The Ghostbusters and the Ghostbusters franchise were a huge financial success and were one of the most successful movies and multimedia franchises of that era.

Toy companies could not resist the urge to join this successful franchise, a lot of toys, action figures, and collectibles resemble the iconic characters from the Ghostbusters.

The best ten action figures and toys ever produced based on the 1984 Ghostbusters movie.

10. LEGO’s Ecto-1 (2014)

Lego’s Ecto-1 (2014)

In the Ghostbusters movie, the Ecto-1 was the Ghostbusters‘ official vehicle. They use the vehicle to convey themselves and their equipment through New York City, busting ghosts and other supernatural entities. Dr. Ray Stantz originally          bought a 1959 Cadillac but after going through rigorous repairs and a substantial sum of modifications the Ecto-1 was born.

In 2014 however, to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Ghostbusters movie LEGO released a special toy line that consists of Ecto-1 amongst other toys. The LEGO Ecto-1 is 3 inches tall, 7 inches long, and 2 inches wide with 508 pieces and it also features a Ghostbusters logo, a removable roof, and enough room to hold three to four Minifigures. The LEGO Ecto-1 also came with four Minifigures depicted to be replicas of the Ghostbusters.

9. Diamond Select’s Louis Tully (2015)

Diamond Select's Louis Tully (2015)

Diamond Select released the Louis Tully action figure in 2015 as part of the first series of their Ghostbusters toy line. They based this action figure on Louis Tully from the first Ghostbusters movie who one of Gozer’s minions overtook.

In the movie, Louis Tully was an accountant that lived in a house that was a pathway to another realm. Louis has a huge crush on his neighbor Dana Barrett who lived down the hall from his apartment. On a special night when Louis Tully was hosting a house party, he encountered Vinz Clortho, a demi-god and Gozer’s key master.

After some struggle, Vinz successfully possesses Louis’ body and began his search for his partner Zuul. The police then picked up the possessed Louis before handing him over to the Ghostbusters who kept him from locating his partner. After the visit of the E.P.A Mr. Peck, Louis (Vinz) escaped and united with his partner which resulted in the coming of Gozer.

8. Diamond Select’s Janine Melnitz (2016)

Diamond Select's Janine Melnitz (2016)

Diamond Select released Janine Melnitz’s action figure in 2016. They released this action figure among the third series of the Ghostbusters toy line. Janine Melnitz’s action figure pack has four hands, a telephone, an alarm button, and two take-out containers.

The action figure was based on Janine Melnitz from the first Ghostbusters movie that Annie Potts played. She is the bespectacled office receptionist of the Ghostbusters, stationed at the firehouse headquarters screening calls and visitors all day. Janine is the only non-ghostbusting person in the company.

7. Mattel’s Walter Peck (2010)

Mattel's Walter Peck (2010)

Mr. Walter Peck is the Environmental Protection Agency’s chief inspector who assumed the role of the secondary antagonist in the Ghostbusters film. Mr. Peck initially had legitimate concerns about whether the Ghostbusters operations could cause environmental hazards. However, he became quickly enraged after one of the Ghostbusters, Peter Venkman, denied a tour of the facility. So, he immediately had resentment towards Venkman.

Walter Peck came back with a court order to shut down the operation of the Ghostbusters and had them arrested. Against the advice of Dr. Egon Spengler, Peck ordered the ghost containment unit shut down which resulted in the escape of all the ghosts ever captured by the Ghostbusters. At a meeting with the city’s Mayor, Peter informed the Mayor of the impending doom of the world and how it was unwise to shut their operations down. The city released the Ghostbusters, and they fought Gozer while Walter Peck was only a spectator.

In 2010, Mattel released Walter Peck’s action figure as part of the Ghostbusters toy line. The action figure came with a wall unit to show his efforts in shutting down the ghost containment unit.

 6. Hasbro’s Gozer (2020)

Hasbro's Gozer (2020)

The primary antagonist of the Ghostbusters film, Gozer is an ancient, powerful, and evil deity from another realm that its two trusted servants, Vinz Clortho, the Keymaster, and Zuul, the gatekeeper, summoned to New York City to destroy the world. The two demigods possess the bodies of Louis Tully and Dana Barrett. Then, they performed the ritual that opened the gate for Gozer to enter this world.

Although genderless, Gozer’s initial appearance was in the form of a woman dressed in some strange slime-like clothes. Hasbro then replicated this form in the Plasma series of its Ghostbusters toy line released in 2020. The Gozer action figure also includes another set of hands with attack effects and a part of the ” Build-A-Ghost Terror Dog” quest.

5. Diamond Select’s Winston Zeddemore (2016)

Diamond Select's Winston Zeddemore (2016)

Diamond Selects released the Winston Zeddemore action figure as part of the first series of their 2016 Ghostbusters toy line. This toy came with six hands and four black gloves. The figure also has a proton pack, neutrino wand, ghost trap, and a proton stream. Moreover, it has a radio, and a removable belt with an attached radio holder, belt gizmo, and key fobs. The action figure resembles Winston Zeddemore from the Ghostbusters movie who Ernie Hudson played.

He was the fourth member to join the Ghostbusters. Even though Janine conducting his interview, Ray Stantz employed him. Winston Zeddemore proved to be a worthy addition to the Ghostbusters as he helped defeat Gozer.

4. Mattel’s Zuul: Gatekeeper of Gozer (2011)

Mattel's Zuul: Gatekeeper of Gozer (2011)

Dana Barrett, a professional cellist, is the first customer of the Ghostbusters. One day, she returned home to find strange things happening in her apartment. When she opened the fridge, she saw a terror dog roar the name “Zuul” to her.

Frightened, she ran out of her apartment then soon consulted the Ghostbusters about the event that occurred in her room. After recounting her ordeal to them, they promised a thorough investigation, although she had caught the attention of one of the Ghostbusters. While Dana was preparing to go on a date with Peter Venkman, she encountered the terror dog again. Unfortunately, this time, it possessed her. Dana Barrett, now possessed by Zuul, is in search of the Keymaster to summon Gozer to the world.

Mattel portrayed this loose and possessed Dana Barrett in their 2011 Ghostbusters toy line.

3. Diamond Select’s Egon Spengler (2016)

Diamond Select's Egon Spengler (2016)

Diamond Selects released the Egon Spengler action figure in 2016 as part of the second series of their Ghostbusters toy lines. This action figure includes six hands and four black gloves, it also includes a proton pack, neutrino wand, radio, PKE meter, proton stream, and a removable belt with an attached radio holder, a belt gizmo, and key fob. Egon Spengler action figure resembles Dr. Egon Spengler from the Ghostbusters movie that Harold Ramis played.

Dr. Egon Spengler is one of the original Ghostbusters, after losing his job as a professor at the Columbia University, he joined his colleagues and they created Ghostbusters. Dr. Egon is the brain of the Ghostbusters as he is the chief architect for most of their Ghostbusting equipment including the Containment unit and the P.K.E meter.

2. Diamond Select’s Ray Stantz (2015)

Diamond Select's Ray Stantz (2015)

Diamond Select produced the Ray Stantz action figure in 2015 as part of the first series of their Ghostbusters toy line. The action figure comes with six hands and four black gloves, a proton pack, a neutrino wand, Ecto goggles, a radio, proton stream, and a removable belt with an attached radio holder, a belt gizmo, and a key fob. The Ray Stantz action figure resembles Dr. Ray Stantz from the Ghostbusters film that Dan Aykroyd played.

He is one of the original Ghostbusters and formerly a university professor. Dr. Ray is the heart of the Ghostbusters because he is the most devoted amongst them, even mortgaged the house he inherited from his parent to raise capital for the company.

1. Diamond Select’s Peter Venkman (2016)

Diamond Select's Peter Venkman (2016)

Diamond Select produced the Peter Venkman action figure in 2016 along with other action figures as the second series of their Ghostbusters line. The action figure pack consists of six hands and four black gloves, a proton pack, a neutrino wand, a radio, a proton stream, and a removable belt that has an attached radio holder, a belt gizmo, and a key fob. The Peter Venkman action figure is based on Dr. Peter Venkman from the Ghostbusters film that Bill Murray played.

Dr. Peter Venkman was the mouth of the group, he was lousy and fights more aggressively against ghosts.


Of all the numerous toys and action figures produced, these ten are the best in every category and they cover all the major protagonists and the antagonists as well. The Diamond Select toy lines are the most popular and resemble the main actors and actresses the most.

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