The Places That Buy He-Man Toys

The Places That Buy He-Man Toys

Finding the best places that buy He-Man toys is not as easy as one would think. While you may already have a place in mind, do you know the hidden costs of going there? If this is your first time selling toys, finding the best place will be even more confusing.

With more than two decades of experience as a toy collector, it is predictable that at some point, people want to discard their old toys. Many places buy old He-Mantoys, and you can turn the toys into cash easily. We are the best toy buyers with expertise in this field, and we assist clients in their selection processes.

We give our clients estimates on the worth of their action figures, and we tell them about the places that buy old He-Mantoys. You do not have to worry anymore about turning your toy collection into cash because we help you through this decision-making process.

Read on to find out the steps to address before setting out to sell old toys!

Steps to address before seeking the places that buy old He-Man toys!

1982 Mattel Masters of the Universe He-Man

Selling old toys seems like an easy task, but there are some things you should not miss out on if you want to maximize profit. Skipping these steps can lead to getting less money for your action figures! Read on to learn more!

Who did the toys belong to?

It can be hard to sort toys if you are not the previous owner. The process of separating and dividing toys into small sets makes identification and sorting easier. Selling massive collections of different action figures can be complicated if you are the second-hand owner of the toys. Seek expert advice in such an instance to get the best positive results and profits from your Mattel He-Man toys.

Toy’s classification and categorization

As the He-Man old toys collection owner, it is easy to classify toys as per the trademark, brand, or label. This becomes easy and clearer if you know the toy collection. You cannot predict the monetary value of your toys until you categorize and sort them according to the brand.

Setting the price on the toys

1983 Mattel Masters of the Universe Zoar

After you have sorted your toy collection, you should evaluate and check the prices for similar toys on sites like eBay. There are many sites where you can check the price of your toys, and you should keenly check out what clients are paying for the toys. Do not check the set prices but the price these clients are willing to pay for.

Secondly, you should also pinpoint your stock in comparison to the recently sold toys on these sites. You will notice that prices may have huge differences even for the same product. The condition of the toys will determine the cost of your toys. If you have well-maintained toys, the worth will be higher, and the clients will pay more for a toy in good condition. Buyers appreciate toys in terrific condition, so they will pay higher prices for these conditions.

The other main factor to consider is the packaging of the toys. Clients consider if the packaging has visible damage because that is what impresses the client’s eye. It would be best if you considered the condition of your toys before setting them out to the market. To leverage on the profit, ensure that you have well maintained toys and packaged in good condition.

Are the toys damage-free?

Old toys can be dirty or tainted, and these unremovable stains may reduce their worth. Sometimes the vermin and insects may have infested your toys, leaving them with marks or taints. If you store the toys in a dusty room, they can get dusty or rusty, reducing the quality. Layers of dust and poor conditions can leave the toys looking worthless and unsellable.

Many factors can reduce the quality of your toys, for instance, sunshine, temperature, dampness, and smoke. These factors tarnish the condition of toy collections; hence you should keep the toys safe where they cannot get any form of discoloration. There are some strategies to clean up toys and clear discoloration, so read our article to receive expert help on restoring your toys.

Here are the places that buy He-Man action figures.

1984 Mattel Masters of the Universe Stridor

If you are wondering if clients will love your toys, then you should stop worrying. Clients love buying toys, especially He-man toys; hence you should dedicate your time to this project. It would be best to dedicate a lot of time to your project to sell your toy collection pieces.

These are the usual places to buy He-man toys:

The Local Auction Service


  • It is easy and convenient to set your toys up at a local auction house.
  • Since these auction houses are locally available, they are quite convenient.


  • It can have a slow turnaround time; hence sometimes, clients can experience delays.
  • High fees are involved; hence clients should have a high budget.
  • You will never know what the ending sale price will be. Sometimes, you may receive a great profit, but you are just as likely to not sell your toys for much at all.
  • You can easily get poor results, and that is why it is essential to get specialists if you have a large toy collection. Unfortunately, toy specialists are rare, so you may not even find one to help you with your auction.

The Pawnshop


  • You can easily use a pawn shop; hence clients can easily maximize sales.
  • These places are quite local; hence its easily accessible.


  • Clients cannot get full value for their He-Man toys; hence clients can encounter losses.
  • Pawnshops offer low percentages because they desire to make a profit off the resale of the toys. Furthermore, they know that their clients want quick cash and are unlikely to walk out the door without a sale. So, they will treat their clients as captive audiences and pressure them to take their prices.
  • There is a high rate of losses because most of the pawnshop users are not experts.

The Local Toy Dealer


  • Going to a local toy dealer saves time; hence clients can focus on other important things.
  • Clients get a fast turnaround time.
  • Clients can get a good business bureau background check.
  • It has no fees involved & it is local hence you can work with a low budget.


  • It is hard for clients to get full value because of the low percentages.
  • clients can encounter losses easily if the client ignores what is happening.

Online Auctions such as eBay


  • These sites have a large customer base; hence you can make the most from these online auctions.
  • When it comes to receiving the highest price for your toys, these sites open the doors to getting the most competitive prices.


  • Selling on an online auction site is quite slow. Not only will you need to wait for at least a week for the toy’s auction to complete, but you will continue waiting as the transaction processes.
  • It can be time-consuming; hence you will not concentrate on core activities.
  • These sites charge high fees. So, expect to pay 10% or even more back to the site in fees.
  • Clients cannot predict how the bids go; hence there are high chances of uncertainty.
  • Not every buyer on these sites is legitimate. So, it is inevitable that you will eventually deal with a fraudulent buyer.
  • These are quite hard to use, especially for newbies or technology illiterates.
  • Clients must accept returns to maximize their profits.

Online Trade Pages like Craigslist & Facebook


  • They have a large client base.
  • You have full control over the sale price on these sites. Thus, you have the greatest chance to make a profit from the sale of your He-Man toys.
  • These forums charge no fees to post on them.
  • It is easy to use hence all clients can access it.


  • When you post on an online trading forum, expect to wait a long time to sell your toys. You will inevitably wait to find a buyer. Then, you will have to wait for them to send you your payment.
  • The entire process of selling on these forums is very time intensive. While you may want to just make a single post and wait, you will receive the best results by ensuring that your post remains on the front page of the forum. You should also expect to set aside time for dealing with client questions and concerns.
  • There are some fraud concerns involved.
  • These sites offer no customer support. When you sell your toys on them, you are taking on all the risks on your own. So, if you deal with a troublesome client, you will have to take care of them on your own.
  • If you live in a rural area, expect to only sell your toys via shipping. Local meet-up sales will be difficult to find for rural areas.
  • Privacy and security concerns are involved; hence clients can lose their data easily.
  • There is a substantial risk of loss because many clients are window shoppers.

Online Toy Dealers


  • If you are looking for a quick and painless sale of your toys, online toy dealers are the place to check out. They will aim to make the transaction as smooth as possible.
  • There is a fast turnaround time involved.
  • These places charge absolutely no fees. Some online toy dealers, like Wheeljack’s Lab, will even cover your shipping charges. So, you will end the day with more money in your wallet.
  • If you have any concerns at all about the online toy dealer, you may verify their status at the Better Business Bureau.


  • Unfortunately, these places do not offer the highest prices. So, clients do not maximize their profits.

Wheeljack’s Lab is the place that buys vintage He-Man toys.

1984 Mattel Masters of the Universe Snake Mountain

If you are in this business venture as a start-up, you may find this a very tough experience. The hard parts can be when you are polishing, styling, and categorizing the old toys. That is why you need specialists to help, and we are the best places that buy vintage He-Man toys. We are renowned experts in this field, and we manage a huge process of toy collection. Clients can reach us through our number 888-946-2895, and we give all the advice on selling vintage action figures.

If you check reviews from our previous clients, you will find out that they trust us, and our customers are comfortable with our services. One of our best services is how we guarantee clients fast payments and instant responses. If you are looking for the best place to sell your toys, you need not look any further. We offer the best value for your old and used toys.

Do you have old and used He-Man toys?

If you have a collection of old and used toys, you can turn those toys into cash. There is no reason to let those old toys collect dust. Contact us today to sell your He-Man toy collection.

Our professional, friendly, and expert staff have decades of experience as collectible toy buyers. If you are ready to sell your collection today, fill out the form below or call us at 888-946-2895.

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