The Best Way to Sell ThunderCats Toys

The Best Way to Sell ThunderCats Toys

Even experienced toy sellers have a challenging time determining the best way to sell their ThunderCats toys for the best value. Many avenues are available, especially since the internet opens a world of possibilities. However, with the plethora of ways, there are also a variety of pitfalls to keep you from getting the best value. Without guidance, you are likely to lose out on cash from the first sale of your toys.

Even if this is not your first time selling your toys, guidance will help save you time and money when you set out to sell them. Without expert advice, you will spend your valuable time researching your options and losing out on money as you experiment with the numerous ways to sell your ThunderCats toys.

Luckily, we here at Wheeljack’s Lab love to help and guide people to the best option to sell their used and old toys. We have been in business for over two decades and have tested out most of the available avenues, both in person and on the internet. Thus, we will share with you the lessons that we have learned to get you the best price for your toys.

Before you are ready to sell your ThunderCats Toys

Before you jump to selling the toys, there are a couple of things you should do, which may be tedious but will help you immensely in the selling process.

Who owned the action figure first?

1986 LJN ThunderCats Tygra

Starting with quite a counter-intuitive step, who owned the action figure first? Who did you buy it from if it is second-hand? These questions are vital in the process of valuing your toys, as well as being able to prove the legitimacy of the toy. If you are the original owner of your collection, then great! You can move to the second step!

However, if your toys have a more complicated history, this could get tricky, especially if you are dealing with a larger collection. Sorting by brands usually gives you a better start as you could verify them systematically.

If you are having trouble with verifying the history of your toy, feel free to contact us and we will be happy to assist you!

Organizing your figures

The next vital step is organizing the figures in a way to make going through them as easy as possible. As we briefly touched on in the previous segment, sorting the toys can help with navigating and pricing the figures with more efficiency, which is worth the time! Be careful when organizing the figures as any damages could reduce their value!

If you do not know how to start organizing your toys, try to group them by similarities. For instance, place all the Cheetaras, the female ThunderCat in orange with spots, together with each other. Once you have properly sorted the collection, you will have a far easier time identifying which pieces you have in your collection.

Evaluate the condition of your ThunderCats Action figures

1985 LJN ThunderCats Monkian

After attentively sorting out your collection, you may be itching to sell them. Still, do not jump the gun! Evaluating your action figures’ worth is the most key step in the journey of converting your ThunderCats action figures into cash. Thus, to make sure you get full value out of your collection, you must examine your toys.

There are multiple ways in which your toy could have lost its value over the years, we have put together a list of things you should consider when assessing the condition of your ThunderCats action figure:

  • Was the toy exposed to high heat resulting in any deformations?
  • Has the plastic degraded.
  • Was the box opened?
  • What is the condition of the box? (Surprisingly important)
  • Have any rodents scratched the action figure?
  • Has the toy suffered exposure to smoke or other environmental hazards?
  • Does it feel brittle or sticky?
  • Has it become discolored?

You must consider all these factors when assessing your ThunderCats Action figure. If fading or yellowing of the color is one of your issues, check out our free guide in fixing discoloration in toys.

Evaluate the value of your action figures

So now that you know your toys inside and out, you can use this to get a good sense of how much the toys are worth! Using online auction houses such as eBay, you can estimate the worth of your toys by comparing them with previously sold auctions (Only consider those that have sold, not ones with ridiculous asking prices that will botch perceptions on the true value)

Have a general range of what you think your toys will sell for, as not everyone will pay the highest price, and consider the condition of your toys to get as accurate of an estimate as possible!

The best way to sell your ThunderCats toys

1986 LJN ThunderCats Lion-O

Now is where the fun begins! Let us have a look at some of our best recommendations for where to sell your ThunderCats action figures and turn them into cash! Keep in mind not all these methods may be suitable for you, so be flexible before you make a final decision.

Local Auction Services

Using a local auction service is an easy and local way to auction your collection.

However, it can come with a very slow turnaround time and can hit you with high fees. It also commonly receives poor results unless you are representing a larger collection.


Pawn Shops are another easy and local way to turn your old collection into cash.

As with all pawnshop turn-ins, you cannot get the full value of your toys. Worse still, they will treat you as a captive audience with an urgency to sell, so they will pressure you to take the prices that they offer. In general, they will not offer a high percentage. They may also not be knowledgeable about such a niche market, so may just throw out a low price and stick to it.

Local Toy Dealers

This is like the pawnshop, but with a toy specialist. It may be local depending on where you live, and more than often there are no fees on your sale. So, you can also minimize your time spent there and you can get straight to the chase.

Still, as it is like a pawn shop, they will also try to low-ball you and you will not see the toys’ full value.

Online Auctions (eBay)

Many toy sellers think of eBay as their first option. It is a viable choice as you can get competitive prices out of your toys, reaching a vast client base.

However, setting up listings bites out a large chunk of time, and with the various fees and concerns of fraudulent bidding, it is a risky way of selling out your collection. If you also find yourself with an enormous collection, you might realize you will have to run to the post office more than you would like.

Online Swap Pages (Facebook, Craigslist)

Like eBay, these swap pages are an effective way to reach a large client base and to sell your action figures for a decent price. Having no fees also makes it more appealing to sellers as well as its ease of use.

Unfortunately, these swap pages have a big drawback. It can be very slow to receive buyers and can be vulnerable to fraud. With no customer support, it may be one of the riskiest ways to exchange action figures for cash.

Online Toy Dealers

Like your local toy dealers, online toy dealers specialize in selling and buying used toys. Thus, they will have an in-depth understanding of your ThunderCats toys that you are trying to sell. They will not charge you any fees when you decide to sell your collection to them. Even better, some online toy dealers, like Wheeljack’s Lab, will cover your shipping costs, leaving more money in your pocket. If you have any concerns about the legitimacy of your online toy dealer, you may look them up with the Better Business Bureau.

Unfortunately, if your goal is to make the most amount of profit from your ThunderCats toys, online toy dealers are not your best bet. They will not offer the full retail price for your toys.

Wheeljack’s Lab is the best way to sell ThunderCats toys for Cash

1986 LJN ThunderCats Wilykat

If you have an old ThunderCats action figure collection and want to sell for the least amount of hassle and fees possible, then Wheeljack’s lab is your best bet! We have over 3 generations of experience in rehoming and caring for toys.]

With zero fees, shipping paid, fast responses, what more do you need? Call us at 888-946-2895 or send a message and start selling your ThunderCats toys today!

Do you have old and used ThunderCats toys?

If you have a collection of old and used toys, you can turn those toys into cash. There is no reason to let those old toys collect dust. Contact us today to sell your ThunderCats toy collection.

Our professional, friendly, and expert staff have decades of experience as collectible toy buyers. If you are ready to sell your collection today, fill out the form below or call us at 888-946-2895.

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