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The Top 10 Godzilla Toys of All Time

With over 65 years of history, Godzilla has left his impression in all forms of media and collectibles. The very first licensed Godzilla toy was a gun and target game for 1955’s Godzilla Raids Again. However, the popularity of Godzilla toys surged in the mid-60s, when Murasan began to release vinyl figures of Toho’s iconic […]

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Godzilla vs. Kong: A Retrospective on the Titanic Clash

With Legendary Picture’s Godzilla vs Kong releasing to theaters and HBO Max on March 31st, there is no better time to look back with a retrospective on the titanic clash! Few people will not recognize these two titans since both Godzilla and King Kong have established themselves as cultural icons to the masses. There have […]

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