Know the Value of Godzilla Toys: How to Sell Your Used Toys

Know the Value of Your Godzilla Toys

Before you set out to sell your old toys, do you know the value of your Godzilla toys? Rushing off to sell your toys without proper research and understanding of their worth will leave you open to lowball numbers. Just as you do not want to go in unprepared for a business meeting, you do not want to sell your toys unprepared.

Unfortunately, if you are not familiar with selling toys, you will not know how to properly research the value of your toys. Many factors attribute to the worth of your action figures, many of which are unknown to new sellers.

Luckily, we here at Wheeljack’s Lab love to help those looking to sell their old and used toys. We have over two decades of selling and buying vintage toys, so we know what to look for when evaluating the worth of toys. With our guidance, you will also feel confident about the worth of your toys.

What do you know about your Godzilla toys?

To begin seeking out the value of your Godzilla toys, you need to lay down the basic groundwork.

So, let us start at the very beginning, are you the original owner of the toys? This key factor will decide how much time that you will spend researching the toys. The more familiar that you are with the origin of the toys, the quicker and easier it is for you to evaluate their worth. The original owners will have intimate knowledge about the toy lines, manufacture dates, and toy names.

What if I am not the original owner?

Being unfamiliar with the toys that you now have is not as huge a hurdle as it feels like. While you may not know which company manufactured your toys yet, there are quick and simple steps that you can follow to learn the value of your Godzilla collection.

Start by organizing your toys by similar groupings, whether it be size or appearance. Regularly, the type of toy that you have will help you work out what company made your toy. Once you feel confident about the manufacturer of the toys, you may continue to organize them by character and manufacture year. Even though you do not know the name of the characters, you may still place red pterodactyls apart from cyborg chickens.

While you are organizing your collection, take note of the accessories that are present with your toys. While not every Godzilla toy has accessories, many have projectiles and others. If you do not already have the accessories bagged or boxed with their original toys, take this time to bundle them with their toys.

While this task takes time, especially with larger collections, it will remove the hassle of identifying your toys.

So, how do I know the value of my used Godzilla toys?

Godzilla coin bank

Now that you have found which Godzilla toys you have in your possession, you can start researching their selling price so you will know the value. While your inclination to look up their worth on a popular auction site, like eBay, is not wrong, you will not get the correct selling price with a simple glance. Many sellers are eBay place up items with inflated prices, wishing that buyers are willing to pay the price that they are asking for. However, a wish for a selling price does not translate into a sale. Instead, scroll down through the options so that you are researching the sold items on the site. Thus, you will know what buyers are willing to pay for your toys.

Also, keep in mind that the advent of eBay has created an ebb and flow to the value of items such as toys. They may sell at differing prices, depending on the day. So, if possible, look up as many prices as possible to get an average idea of the price of your figure. Also, take note that different auctions for the same toy sell at different prices due to other factors.

Factors that affect the selling price of your toy

Not every old toy sells for the same price due to a range of factors. The most important thing that you will need to understand is the condition of your toy.

Factory packaging

Do you have a Godzilla toy in a sealed box?

Neca Burning Godzilla (2019) in box

Congratulations, you have the highest tier of old toys that you can hope to obtain. Sealed boxed toys net a premium since the toy in pristine condition. Factory sealing will only improve the value of your Godzilla toy. After that, the condition of the box will raise desirability to collectors.

What if the box has a broken seal?

The next step down would be an opened toy that still has the box. Having the box, in general, will increase the worth of your toy, whether someone kept the box sealed or opened it up.

Do note that shippers, used by companies like Premium Bandai, are different from original packaging. They will not improve the value of your toy.

Your Godzilla toy never had a box!

Bandai Shin Godzilla mint with tag

When it comes to Godzilla toys, there is a large segment of them that never came in a box. Instead, companies like Bandai tied tags around the toys. Otherwise, stores sold them on card backs. The same principles apply, though. Every part of the original packaging will aid in a higher selling price for your toy. Some collectors will employ card protectors to keep factory tags in pristine shape. Once again, damage to your tags or card backs will factor into the selling price of your toy.

The condition of toys outside of factory packaging

The moment the toy is removed from the factory packaging, the price begins to depreciate. However, there are still many factors that will either improve or worsen the selling price.

Open-Box Display Toys

The less wear and tear present on a toy, the better the selling price. Thus, if the toys have been sitting on a shelf, regularly dusted, and in pristine condition, you will be able to ask for a decent value for your toys. However, even if they had been sitting on a shelf, they are not guaranteed to sell at a great price. Environmental hazards such as dust and even sunlight will damage your toys.

Sunlight has the potential to bleach the coloration of your Godzilla toy’s plastic. Luckily, we have a helpful guide of advice on how to reverse the effects of sun bleaching.

Other environmental hazards include smoke-filled houses and heat. So, take note of any of the damage that your toy has suffered while sitting on a shelf or in storage.

Toys are meant for play!

We understand that toys are meant for play, and children often heavily use them. The toy collection currently in your possession was a child’s prized possession decades ago. Thus, it is fully reasonable that your toys show signs of heavy play. Likewise, the accessories are no longer present, and the action feature no longer works.

While toys in this state will not net the highest prices, they are still sellable. Do not give up on your used and old Godzilla toys, even after a child plays with them.

Pests and animal damage

Unfortunately, there is a state in which your toys will lose all worth. No one wants to buy a toy that an animal has heavily chewed on or worse. We hope that you never see signs of damage from pests and insects in your used toys, but severe damage will make your toys worthless.

Likewise, if extreme temperatures have warped the plastic of your Godzilla toy, you will not be able to sell your toy.

Batteries and your used toys

Another hidden factor to the value of your old toys is whether they had batteries in them. Unfortunately, aged batteries tend to corrode or explode. The acid from these batteries will warp and damage your toys. So, check the battery compartment of any electronic toys to make certain that the batteries have not caused damage. Also, remove any batteries from toys that you intend to sell to reduce any chance of damage during shipping.


Not a genuine Godzilla toy. Sort out bootlegs.

Bootlegs are an unfortunate reality to the toy market. Thus, some of the toys in your collection may be bootlegs. Take care to separate your bootleg Godzilla toys from genuine products. Bootlegs will not carry as high of selling price as the original toys.

Get experts on your side and sell your Godzilla toys to Wheeljack’s Lab!

Now that you know the value of your Godzilla toys, you need to find the best place to sell them! Look no further since you’ve already found that place.

We understand that selling your Godzilla toys is a lengthy process. We have only just touched on the various points that will inflate or deflate the value of your Godzilla toys. So, turn to the experts in selling old and used toys, Wheeljack’s Lab.

We have been buying and selling toys for over two decades. We understand how frustrating it is to have an old toy collection ready to sell. Thus, we make it our priority to make the sale easy and painless to you. Once we hear from you, we will respond with an offer within 24 hours. Furthermore, we will pay your shipping fees, which leaves even more cash in your pocket. You may even check us out at the Better Business Bureau.

Call us at 888-946-2895 or e-mail us today to get your Godzilla toy collection sold for cash!

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Know the Value of Godzilla Toys: How to Sell Your Used Toys
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