How to Sell Transformers Action Figures?

Vintage Transformers Toy Collection

If you have an enormous collection of old and used Transformers toys that are collecting dust, you should learn how to sell them and turn that dust into cash! Even if you are thinking of throwing out all your used Transformers action figures, you should stop and reconsider! What if we say you can sell Transformers action figures for cash? You have heard it right!

If you find yourself confused about selling transformers action figures for cash, worry no more! We at Wheeljack’s Lab are here to help you in this nerve-racking process. For almost 20 years, we have been buying transformers like Optimus Prime, Megatron, and Soundwave. We even buy various action figures from other brands.

Today, we will help you figure out how to sell your old transformers toys and quickly get cash. Stay connected!

Before You Look for Where or How to Sell Vintage Transformers Toys

There are some crucial steps to take into consideration before setting out to sell your old toys. When you are less prepared and speeding through the sales process, you could end up with less money for the gems you own.

Who Owned the Toys?

This is the most important thing to get to know about— who owned the toy! Well, this would be easier if you are the first owner of the old toys. But it could be challenging if you own a second-hand collection, especially if your collection has multiple toy lines. In this impossible situation, we want you to stop worrying and send us a query through email so we can give you more guidance for making a better decision.

Carefully Identify and Organize Your Toy Collection

It is necessary to handle your toys with proper care as you would be unlikely to be familiar with the worth them. Although there could be disappointment about the old toys’ looks as they are smaller and made of plastic, that does not mean they value less than larger toys. Without understanding the proper value of your toys, buyers can easily rip you off!

We recommend taking the initiative with those items you already know and organizing the collection into small groups based on brand. There would be some brands that would be easier to handle as compared to few others. But all in all, if you are the real owner, you will not struggle much.

Evaluate What Your Vintage Toys are worth?

Other than how to sell used transformers toys, another important question is: how to know the price of old toys? This is imperative to know the worth of a toy. The solution is to check for similar toys sold recently; for instance, on eBay, you could find comparable items and compare the price.

Check for the sold listings there, as the active listings could be from the sellers who could ask for anything for their items and never get anything. The main point is to get to know about the correct price of a toy.

While looking at the sold listings, never look at the highest sold price because the same type of toy may have sold for like $15 or $25, but could also sell for $75 to $100, so watch out!

You could find many similar toys that look identical to yours but could have a much better condition or complete parts.

So, like anything else in the world, people love to pay well for superior quality products. It is also necessary to evaluate the condition of your toys: how do they look? To what extent are they damaged? Does it come with a toy box? Is it faded? Etc. These are some key factors that affect the price of a vintage toy. Evaluating the condition of a toy help, you get the best out of your investment.

How clean Your Transformers action figures Collection?

How clean are your toys? It is important as the condition could worsen over time due to exposure to multiple outside factors, including mice, bugs, pet hairs, dust, etc.; such things can ruin your collections.

Since how long have your toys been in an open box? Because they are likely to get piles of dust. Were they all placed in a high heat storage area? The reason is, heat can change the properties of manufacturing material, especially plastic, and make it fragile and brittle. Low humidity can also damage your toys.

Did you place the toy’s storage box sit near sunlight? Sunlight can result in discoloration of toys, and plastic can gets easily break. If there is anyone who smokes in your home, then toys get faded. But there are many ways to go about fixing discoloring; you can check out our how-to guide.

These are all the most important questions to ask yourself while looking to sell your toy collection.

How to Sell Transformers Vintage Toys?

We laid out some options for you with the pros and cons to each:

Although you can find a lot of options out there. Many businesses are there who are ready to help you. But we are here to help you get the best way for yourself. The perfect way to sell transformers vintage toys is by taking the right route that works for you!

The biggest question is: how much time can you invest in it? A day or week or a month? How much time do you want to spend on selling each item?

Here are some pros and cons of each way you could go with:

Local Auction Service


  • It is quite easy.
  • Since they are a local location, they are easily accessible.


  • The turnaround time runs and a turtle’s pace.
  • They have extremely high fees.
  • Unknown sales price. Mostly closing prices depend on who shows up that day. So, if you do not find an interested toy buyer, you may not even make the sale!
  • All in all, they offer a very mediocre experience unless you have a vast collection and working with a toy collection specialist, who is hard to find.

Local Pawnshop


  • They are easy to use. All that you need to do is walk in and show what you want to sell.
  • They are local, so there is no shipping and minimal driving.


  • They will only offer a small fraction of the full value.
  • Typically, because you act as a captive audience since they know that you need money now, so they will make offers in their favor.
  • They are not specialists and mostly toss a very low number to test their luck at something to the point they do not lose anything.

Local Toy Dealer


  • Since they are a local location, they are easy to get to. Also, since you can walk into the store, you can quickly make the sale.
  • It can be background checked with BBB (Better Business Bureau).
  • They will not charge you extra fees for your sales.


  • You can never get a full value as they take you as a captive audience. They know that you need money, so they offer you a small percentage, just like a pawnshop.
  • Even if you are going to show up with 10 toy boxes, you are going to end up with nothing because they already know the user will not box them back up.

Online Auctions like eBay


  • They have a vast client base, full of users from across the world. This makes it easier to catch the eye of a potential buyer.
  • You can ask for and sell at very competitive prices for your Transformers toys.


  • The process may be very slow and time-consuming since most auctions last a week. Even if you set a buy-it-now price, you may be waiting for days to find a buyer.
  • These sites charge exorbitantly high fees for their services. You will be paying over 10% of the value of your sale in fees.
  • You will never know exactly how the bidding will go. So, you are just as likely to have a bidding war that leads you with an excellent sale as you are to have the auction waste away.
  • These sites are full of frauds or scammers.
  • You must accept returns according to the site’s policies.
  • These sites are not the most user-friendly.
  • If you are selling an enormous collection, expect to be running to the post office every day as you sell your toys.

Online Swap Pages Facebook and Craigslist


  • These forums often have a big client base.
  • You can set prices that help you.
  • Since these sites are not regulated, they have no fees.
  • Overall, these forums are easy to use. All you need to do is post about your sale and hope for a bite. Even if you do not get a buyer on your first post, all that is necessary is a small bump to bring the post back up to the top.


  • Your sale of the Transformers toys may be a bit slow. So, you should expect to bump the post several times to find a buyer.
  • Since you will be talking one-on-one with your buyers, expect the sale to be extremely time-consuming.
  • Unfortunately, there are serious fraud concerns since you will be trading personal information with another person. If you decide to meet in person with your seller, your risks will dramatically increase.
  • You will find that rural areas have limited success with these forums.
  • These sites offer no good customer support, so you are on your own if a sale goes wrong.
  • You may also find multiple tire-kickers, those who have no intention of buying, who will waste your time with questions.

Online Toy Dealer


  • These toy dealers will minimize how much your precious time is spent on the sale of your Transformers toys.
  • They have a fast turnaround time, often less than a week to complete the overall process. So, you will quickly have cash in your hand.
  • You can background check with the Better Business Bureau.
  • These toy dealers charge no fees. Some companies, like yours, even pay for the shipping costs.


  • You cannot get the full value of your Transformers toys.

How to Sell Transformers Toys for Cash to Wheeljack’s Lab?

Struggling while cleaning, staging, naming, and matching up everything? No problem, we have got your back! If you have a beautiful collection of vintage toys and looking to sell to get some cash, give us a call at 888-946-2895 or send a message, and our talented team will take care of everything for you.

We have been in this industry over the last 20 years and have earned enthusiastic respect for buying and selling vintage toys. Trust us; we are not going anywhere soon as this business has been running in this area for the last 3 generations. We offer the best customer support, instant payment, and prepaid shipping. If your unique vintage toy collection warrants, our team will reach your spot and pick up the collection!

You can get the same-day toy quote! We are going to help those who are looking for vintage toys by selling yours!

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Are you ready to sell your old and used Transformers toys?

If you are not yet convinced that Wheeljack’s Lab is the best place to sell your old and used Transformers toys to, just take a look at only a small selection of the toys bought and sold through us!

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