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Bionic Six took the concepts of the Six Million Dollar Man and The Bionic Woman to create a brand new cartoon series. With Tokyo Movie Shinsha doing the animation, Universal Television intended to make a new iteration of their popular live-action shows. Rather than focusing on the exploits of one man or woman, they instead wanted to follow an entire family of bionic-enhanced people. While they had planned to focus on the Austin family, which would have tied the cartoon to the live-action series, the Bionic Six wound up being a brand-new family.

Similar to the Six Million Dollar Man, the first member of the family to gain bionic augments was a test pilot, Jack Bennet. Through the technology of Professor Dr. Amadeus Sharp, Ph.D. at the Special Projects Lab (SPL), he gained super-human abilities as he became Bionic-1. He initially kept his new abilities and identity as Bionic-1 a secret from his family. However, a deadly avalanche caused by aliens forced him to take them to Dr. Sharp for life-saving augments. Thus, the Bennet family became the super-powered Bionic Six, all of whom could transform from civilian to battle wear with their special rings.

Jack Bennet’s bionics were very similar to Steve Austin’s. He had a bionic eye that granted him the ability to see in various spectrums of light and zoom in on targets. His eye could also emit energy blasts. Otherwise, he had super strength, super hearing, and super speed.

His wife, Hellen Bennet, was given augments that granted her extraordinary mental powers. With her ESP, she was able to get premonitions about the future. They also gave her telepathy and the ability to project mental illusions. Otherwise, she remained a skilled oceanographer. She was given the code name Mother-1

Then, their son, the sports-loving Eric Bennet, became Sport-1. His bionic granted him electromagnetic powers, allowing him to pull and manipulate metals. Notably, he often used a metal bat to focus his abilities.

Their daughter, the music-loving Meg Bennet, became Rock-1. Her bionics granted her shoulder-mounted blasters that emitted sonic waves. She was also noted as the fastest of the group with her super speed.

The family had an adopted African-American son, James Dwight “J.D.” Corey, that was also caught up in the avalanche. After he received his implants, he gained the code-name IQ. His augments specifically improved his intelligence and also gave him super strength.

LJN Bionic Six F.L.U.F.F.I.

The final member of the family was the Bennet’s Japanese foster son, Bunjiro “Bunji” Tsuahara, who became Karate-1. His bionics enhanced his agility and reflexes, helping him become even better at martial arts.

Otherwise, the Bennets had a gorilla-like robot, F.L.U.F.F.I., that would sometimes accompany them on missions. This robot would help them around the house when he wasn’t satisfying his cravings for aluminum cans.

After receiving their augments, the Bionix Six mostly dedicated their efforts to protecting Dr. Sharp and his research. They were specifically needed to fend off the schemes of Doctor Scarab, his lackeys, and his army of robot drones called the Cyphrons. Since Doctor Sarab’s real identity was William Sharp, the brother of Amadeus Sharp, he felt entitled to the bionic technology. If he had gotten his hands on the technology, he planned to unlock the secrets of immortality.

The Bionic Six began airing in 1987 on syndicated television. The series lasted for two seasons, airing a total of 65 episodes. However, glimpses of the Bionic Six appeared on store shelves a year earlier in 1986, when LJN released the toy line.

LJN prepared a full line-up of 13 action figures for the Bionic Six. Each of these toys featured die-cast parts surrounded by translucent plastics, making them stand out. There were figures of Jack, Helen, J.D., Eric, Meg, Bunji, F.L.U.F.F.I., Doctor Scarab, Glove, Mechanic, Madame-O, Chopper, and Klunk. Notablly, F.L.U.F.F.I. was far larger than any of the other action figures.

The toy line also featured five different vehicles. There was the Dirt Bike, which transformed between a two-wheeled and three-wheeled form, with the back wheels splitting apart. Then, there was the Quad Runner, which transformed into a battle mode with lasers hidden under the hood and on the roll bars.

The line featured two laser-activated chair vehicles, the Electronic Laser Aero Chair and the Electronic Flying Throne. When the laser from one of the opposing chairs hit the sensor, these vehicles would emit a loud whine of defeat.

Finally, there was the M.U.L.E.S. (Mobile Utility Energizing Station) Van. This vehicle had many transforming parts, including panels on its sides that revealed bionic equipment. The front of the vehicle split apart to house the Quad Runner inside. Meanwhile, the Dirt Bike could drive up a loading ramp into the back of the vehicle when the rear doors opened. The bike then could exit out of the sunroof, which split open, after the internal lift was activated.

This toy line also featured one playset, the Secret Headquarters Super Hi-Tech Bionic Laboratory.  This set had multiple sections, including an ornate “entrance” which opened up when two statues bowed.

Between LJN’s legal issues in the late 1980s and the massive competition in stores, the Bionic Six toy line did not make a significant presence in the 80s. The cartoon also drifted off into obscurity, not even receiving a home video release to date. Still, this has become one of the noteworthy collectible toy lines from the 80s.

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