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In the wake of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles craze, many companies decided to create new cartoons that would capture the same feel and success. Within Marvel Products, its president, Rick Ungar, dreamed up an idea for a brand new franchise, the Biker Mice from Mars. Instead of four mutant brothers, this show would focus on three alien mice from Mars and their motorcycles.

These three mice, Throttle, Modo, and Vinnie, had fled the devastation of their home on Mars. After landing on Earth, they made friends with Charlene “Charley” Davidson, a female mechanic whose skills became useful for upgrading their bikes.

Each of the Biker Mice had signature weapons that they would use in battle. Throttle used a Cestus, a powered glove, that he wore on his right hand. He also had a laser pistol. Modo had a bionic arm with a built-in laser blaster. Meanwhile, Vinnie used flares.

Unfortunately, the Plutarkians, fish-like aliens that had plundered Mars, had also found their way to Earth. With the Plutarkians aiming to plunder Earth’s natural resources as well, the Biker Mice from Mars took up the fight against them.

To achieve his goals, Lawrence Lactavius Limburger, the leader of the Plutarkians, hid as a normal human businessman with a rubber mask. He gathered a group of underlings: the mad scientist Dr. Benjamin Boris Zachary Karbunkle, Greasepit, and Fred the Mutant. He also frequently used Karbunkle’s transporter machine to summon supervillains to fight the biker mice.

While the Biker Mice from Mars never topped the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in popularity, their success led to a 3 season run. The show had a total of 65 episodes by the end of its run. It also gained a wealth of merchandise.

Along with the cartoon series, Marvel Comics created a short three-issue comic book series in 1993. Marvel UK also published some comics within 7 issues from 1994 to 1995. The Biker Mice from Mars also gained a SNES video game made by Konami in 1994.

Galoob Biker Mice from Mars Martian Monster Bike

Like most cartoon shows in the 1990s, the Biker Mice from Mars had a toy line. Galoob began production of the toy line in 1993 and concluded in 1995. This toy line was composed of 5.5” action figures with accessories and a large array of vehicles, especially motorcycles. There were also playsets and other toys.

In 1993, Galoob published the first 10 Series 1 action figures. There were also Super Bendable figures and 8 different vehicles. The series expanded in 1994 with the Astro Bros theme, which included 4 action figures and 2 vehicles. Then, there was the Off-Road Bros theme with 3 action figures and 4 vehicles. Galoob also produced the Freedom Fighters line with 5 action figures and 4 vehicles. There were finally 3 Biker Knights that came with free videos in 1995.

The toy line also featured 3 Mega Mice, 12” action figures that were produced in 1994. It had 2 playsets to collect as well. Galoob also tied in 4 different Micro Machines sets with the Biker Mice from Mars toy line.

After over a decade of silence, the Biker Mice from Mars returned to television in 2006. This new series was a continuation that was set only a few years after the original series concluded.

Even though the Biker Mice from Mars had successfully returned to Mars, they were forced to flee once more as the Catatonians, cat-like aliens, struck to steal their Regenerator, a machine that converted matter into resources like water. Unfortunately, the Regenerator was destroyed during the raid, so the Biker Mice had to return to Earth to locate the only other known regenerator. This device was in the hands of a greedy real estate developer and reality tv personality, Renaldo Rump.

Over the years since the prior series, the Biker Mice had become an official commando team. Thus, Throttle gained an official rank, Commander. This new series also promoted previously minor characters like Stroker while introducing brand-new characters.

This continuation’s 28-episode run originally aired in the UK first in 2006. Americans had to wait until 2008 to see it on 4Kids TV.  It also gained a brand new toy line from Giochi Preziosi, an Italian toy company. Character-Online also produced some of these toys in other markets.

Recently, the Nacelle Company announced that they had obtained the right to produce new toys for the Biker Mice from Mars. They plan to release these toys in 2023. They also have announced that they have plans to produce a brand new cartoon series.

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