African Kings and Conquerors Action Figures Identification Tool with Pictures

African Kings and Conquerors Thutmose

Renaissance Enterprises introduced one of the most unique He-Man rip-off toy lines, African King and Conquerors, in 1987. Unlike most companies that were copying Mattel’s success, Renaissance decided to not make another group of barbarian or fantasy-themed toys. Instead, they set out the celebrate the rich history of Africa. With that in mind, they proudly proclaimed that the line celebrated “black heroes and heroines” on the packaging.

There were six different action figures in this toy line, with each one representing a major figure in Africa’s rich history. These figures were Hannibal, Thutmose, Ramses, Kashta, Sundiata, and Mansa Musa. Each of these toys came with a weapon and a shield. They also were created at the same scale as the Masters of the Universe, about 5 ½” tall.

Each of these action figures is a rare sight. So, they are highly sought after by collectors.

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