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The Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers entertained audiences with their adventures on syndicated television from 1986 to 1989. This cartoon was the product of Gaylord Entertainment Company with Tokyo Movie Shinsha doing the animation work. With their combined efforts, the vision of Robert Mendell was realized to create a fantastical future world that combined Westerns with sci-fi.

The Galaxy Rangers were a part of the BETA (Bureau for Extra-Terrestrial Affairs) which dedicated its efforts to maintaining the law of the new space frontier in 2086. Founded by Zachary Foxx after the Queen of the Crown kidnapped his wife’s mind, the group also aimed to end the tyranny of the Crown Empire. Each member of the Galaxy Rangers possessed a specialized Series-5 cybernetic implant that improved their abilities.

Their leader, Zachary Foxx, had an implant that acted as a power conduit. With its powers, the bionics on the left side of his power gained additional power. Following him was Shane Gooseman, whose implant gave him extraordinary powers to heal, adapt to his environments, and even absorb energies. Niko was an archeologist with an implant that boosted her psychic abilities telekinetic and clairvoyant abilities, allowing her to generate shields and lift objects. Then there was Walter “Doc” Hartford, whose implant allowed him to manipulate “tweakers”, holographic programs.

Even though the series aired in syndication from 1986 to 1989 with a massive 65-episode count, it struggled to gain a following. Even a 9-issue comic book series from Marvel UK did not generate enough interest in the series.

Adventures of Galaxy Rangers Walter "Doc" Hartford

While many cartoon series during the 80s was created to support the sales of toy lines, the Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers was created to tell an inventive over-arching story first and foremost. So, the merchandise depended on the success of the series. The Galaxy Rangers also had many similarities to the popular Blackstarr series from Mattel and other contemporary cartoons. Thus, the prospect of toys hitting the market became a problem.

Galoob had signed on to create a toy line for the Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers. By the time they were ready to release the toys to the public in 1986, they determined that there was not enough interest in the series. Rather than produce more toys or cancel the line together, Galoob decided that they could recoup some of their costs by only releasing the toys in the UK market. Thus, with the backing of Rainbow Toys, a small wave of toys came out in 1986.

There were six 5 ½” to 6” action figures, featuring some of the most important characters from the show: Zachary Foxx, Goose, Doc, Captain Kidd, The Queen of the Crown, and Lazarus Slade. The toy line also featured three metallic-themed horses: Mel, Tirton, and Z-100. There were also two different Zap Pack playsets for children to play with.

Even though this toy line only lasted one series in the UK, it has become one of the most sought-after lines around. As the show gained a cult following, its fans have aimed to add these toys to their collections. However, it is rare to find most of these toys, let alone any in their packaging.

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